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WW1 Royal Garrison Artillery uniform

Article about: I have just purchased the tunic breeches and cap depicted in this photograph,along with some other items ,after 6 weeks of advertising with no result this turned up this afternoon.Further pi

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    Hello Everyone,

    Firstly a happy new year to you all.

    As you may or may not know, RMR (Roger) was my father and regrettably he passed away in the latter half of 2013. He was the reason I got into militaria and following his passing, I drifted away from militaria: hence why I haven't been around on the forums in some time.

    I would like to sell the RGA uniform featured in this post. It was one of the jewel's of my father's collection but it's not something I wish to keep. As such, I would be most grateful if somebody could give me an idea as to what I might ask for it? I have all of the items pictured plus the binding straps for around the bottom of the trousers, plus a leather belt and the ammo belt (as shown in the photo) - although not posted by my father here, I presume these were original to the tunic, etc. I have been unable to find the dog tag.

    Thanks in advance.

    All the best,

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    I am sorry to hear of your Fathers passing Toby.

    As regards value, tunic about a grand, cap a few hundred with the other bits & pieces perhaps a grand & a half for the group, maybe a bit more, always hard to put values on items as so many factors can effect final sales price depending on how you sell it, ebay, on a forum or to a dealer who would probably give you less as they want to make a profit on it but is perhaps the quickest way to sell. Ebay is a risk but might bring the best price, on a forum, too many want a bargain and often it is hard to get the going rate for items.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Hi Toby, nice to see you here, but sorry it is under these sad circumstances.

    I would as ever agree with Jerry observations.

    It is a super group and should sell with ease.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    @ Jerry - thank you for your condolences and for your thoughts re. value. It is most helpful and very much appreciated. My father had quite a collection of uniforms so I'll no doubt be asking for more help over the coming weeks. I don't even know what most of them are! I've only ever been involved in German militaria.

    @ Ade - Likewise, thank you Ade. I still find myself referring to my Dad in the present tense but life must go on.


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    Personally If I were in your shoes I would not accept less than 2k for your grouping. The Tunic is an easy 1200 without the attribution you have. The cap 300. You have in addition his breeches 2-400, bandoleer 70-90 more on some dealer sites- and the scarf would easily make 1-150 on ebay. As an identified complete group its very rare.



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    Thank you very much for your advice Mark. Hopefully, I'm not making a mistake but I think I will list it on Ebay, taking into account the values advised.

    Best regards,

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    Sorry to hear about your Dad. While I am not 100% up on the current value of these items individually, all I can do is echo what everyone else has said and say that this is a super grouping and should not be sold short.

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    let us know when you list it I am sure a few of us would like to bid.

    Happy New Year


    Quote by TobyR View Post
    Thank you very much for your advice Mark. Hopefully, I'm not making a mistake but I think I will list it on Ebay, taking into account the values advised.

    Best regards,

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    I am sorry to hear of your loss. The dog tag signficiantly helps the value of the group, so it would be good to find it if you possibly can. If you haven't looked in all the pockets, do so, including the field dressing pocket (inside tunic skirt) if it is open (may still be stitched up).
    Good luck with the sale. I think Mark's valuation is the high end of accurate, but ebay is a gamble and there are the fees to contend with. It might be worth considering a lesser sum as a private sale. I'm not personally in the market but you could try advertising it on here first.
    Best wishes,

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    Hello. I hope you guys don't mind me hijacking this old thread and I hope someone is still able to view it. I am the granddaughter of the man who wore it (Mr John Lewis Lee). I have just don't a quick search to see what the uniform would be worth now since the centenary celebrations out of curiosity. I am still kicking myself for selling it really. But the property I was in was suffering from damp at the time and I didn't want it to get damaged in storage. Plus I thought that it being folded and hidden away really wasn't what it deserved. Seeing as there was so much there and it had been so carefully looked after for 2 generations of my family I didn't want it to come to harm on my watch. So I answered Rogers ad, asking for memorabilia and for what seems to be a pretty reasonable price for both buyer and seller I let him have it.
    Toby I'd like to say how sorry I am that he has passed away - he seemed a lovely man. Could have quite happily chatted with him for hours about s collection. Secondly I bear no ill will to the fact it has no doubt by now been sold on. It was inevitably going to travel on from its collector one day. But I just wondered if anyone had any idea in what direction it travelled? I would love to know what happened to it. It is my hope that maybe one day it might end up in a museum.
    Also I'd like to express my posthumous thanks to roger. Since I was really touched and delighted he placed this post. Since when I trapped in ww1 artillery uniform. In the list of pictures that came up, there staring up at me from only the second picture was my grandfathers face. So in a way roger has immortalised my grandfather. I was never lucky enough to meet him since he passed away before I was born (after surviving 2 world wars of course, being home guard for ww2).
    Any information anyone could provide me with would be really helpful. As I said I hear no ill will to the seller or buyer. I am just delighted and surprised that the uniform is on here and somewhere out there.

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