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WWI 80th Division Grouping

Article about: Greetings, friends. Been a while since I have posted anything new. Snagged this grouping on eBay a few weeks back. 80th Division, Blue Ridge Mountain Division. It supposedly came from somewh

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    Thank you, all, for the comments. I was excited to grab this grouping and I'm glad you all like it. I do not think items from the 80th come around very often. As I stated, I live along the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains, not far from Virginia and West Virginia, where many members of the 80th came from, and I have never seen any 80th items for sale in any shops or markets.

    @ Stefan: No worries taking a little tangent on photography. I appreciate the discussion

    @ Jerry: Seeing that he has two stripes for being wounded twice, it might be possible to use that information to narrow down the individual.

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    Great grouping and so complete!


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    This is a excellent grouping.

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    Thank you. Chris, I thought you might like this grouping.

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    a very nice grouping, wonderful acquisition and rare.


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    A Superb grouping! I have always had a leaning towards the WWI guys and this is a Great set!

    Also, as an aside about the photographs, this only reinforces what I have always said and done-Write Who, Where, When and What on the backs of All your personal photos! I have seen So many family albums and collections of photos being tossed into the trash after someone dies and there is absolutely no info on any of the photos at all. Somewhere out there, there Must be Somebody who had a connection to these trashed albums and photos, and yet they end up in the garbage. Lost forever-memories forgotten and now gone for good. Just Sad.

    For Decades, in my family's photo albums, there was a Great photo mounted on cardboard stock of a man in a hand crank wheelchair. Everyone knew he was related, but no one knew who he was, and so it laid neglected for years. Only after 30 years of genealogy research, did I find out that it was the only existing image of my GG grandfather -a Civil War veteran and war hero. I had it enlarged and framed in an oval convex glass frame and it now hangs on my living room wall (WITH the info written on the back of it!) A shame, as my family are all long gone now and they never did find out who he was in the photo. So now, there is no one left to see it.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Here is a small sample of the Blue Ridge Mountains (Thurmont, MD)

    WWI 80th Division Grouping
    WWI 80th Division Grouping

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    It has a very nice French made shoulder patch.
    The privates patch on the right sleeve is crossed hammers for a mechanic.

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