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WWI Brit Officers helmet w/cover

Article about: Hi gents! Let me start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I saw this rig on a UK dealer site and was quite taken by its looks. What do you guys think about i

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    Quote by Nigel Lesgate View Post
    This ensemble sold for about $2500 U.S. I was way off. In my opinion that was a steal.
    I wonder if the original owner was known.

    For such a rare helmet and accessories, that was way below what it should be worth, but sadly the bias towards other periods and nations is where the big bucks are spent. At least it does make these items affordable to those of us who collect such as this, though even then this sold for way above my budget.

    I have a Hawkes & Co Wolesely helmet in my collection, officer private purchase and possibly very late WWI, though more likely dated to the late 1920's. I was very lucky to pick it up at a local fair about 5 years back for not a lot of money.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Yes Jerry I agree as just the damn helmet should have gone for that if not more. Maybe the fellow didn't recall quite accurately. Anyhow, what a lovely helmet, cover and case to have in a war room . Just the tactile appeal of each item is quite noteworthy. A rimless officers Brodies and that beautifully matched khaki covered cork cover.....geez!

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    Wow. I scan the UK dealers regularly and I never saw that one. There are plenty of fake covers around but this is so beautifully made, and the gold blocking is so "right", that I'm certain the helmet and cover are both 100% and have always been together. The tin is nothing to do with it, but that doesn't matter at all.

    This helmet was a good deal for someone and should have been a 2000 item, maybe more. WW1 kit may not have the mass appeal of WW2, but it is keenly collected and there is a lot less of it. Add that we are nearly in 2014, there will be publicity and books published, and you can guarantee that top quality pieces like this one will do a whole lot better than any saving's account over the coming year. Well done to whoever got this.

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