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WWI Brit Officers helmet w/cover

Article about: Hi gents! Let me start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year! I saw this rig on a UK dealer site and was quite taken by its looks. What do you guys think about i

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    Default WWI Brit Officers helmet w/cover

    Hi gents! Let me start by wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year!

    I saw this rig on a UK dealer site and was quite taken by its looks. What do you guys think about it? My view was that it was amazing to the point of being almost too amazing...if you get my drift.

    Please report in with your takes--good, sceptical, ludicrous fantasy, or bad.....Thanks!

    Oh, yeah, its a rimless Brodies with a very fancy cork cover and a carrying case. I must admit to being quite smitten.

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    Never seen one like this before but I also quite like it Nigel. If it has spent the last century in that case then I see no reason it shouldn't be in such fine condition. I'm no expert on allied stuff but when it came to private purchases like this, all kinds of variations must abound. What's the damage on this one?

    PS: Found a Cameronian shako by the same company. Also a listing here for the firm, showing a similar type of carry case.

    Helmet, Hawkes and Co. Ltd 289023 | National Trust Collections

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    Sadly it was sold pretty quickly but I just can't recall....maybe a POR. I'm guessing maybe $5-7K.....? I will contact them and see, they're very nice folks to deal with.

    Yes, Hawkes was a bigtime purveyor of fine quality military items. Later to merge with Gieves.

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    Jeeezus, is it likely to be really so much?! I know it's nice but that has floored me. And I thought my field was an expensive one. I won't be moving into high end Allied officer's headgear anytime soon!

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    The WWI Brit stuff can be staggering and like wading into a minefield!~~~~LOL~~~~~ My ballpark may even be a tad low on that ensemble.

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    The helmet looks good, the Haselgrove & Radovic book has a picture of a helmet with exactly the same liner and states that Hawkes & Co. were the best known manufacturer of private purchase Brodies.

    The cover, as you say, looks a bit too good to be true, but I like it, I don't think it is possible for every variant to be documented, thankfully fake British stuff is not that common yet. If it has been kept in a box for almost 100 years why wouldn't it look like that, the helmet looks in almost unused condition. Hawkes & Co. were more well known for making pith helmets, which would give them the know how to make a cork cover.

    I wonder if it was developed for hot places to keep the helmet from getting too hot?

    There is no way of knowing of the box is original to the pairing, the condition of the inside compared to the outside would support this not being opened much (I'd like to see the date on the newspaper)

    My vote is that it is good and you will not get another opportunity, and it's Christmas.....

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    Maybe some other Christmas!.....its been sold but I'm trying to find out for how much. Thanks for your input.

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    Looks like things moved on while I was typing at my usual fluency.....I'm nor surprised by the price range, this would be a high end, close to unique addition to a collection.

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    Stunning example of the officers private purchase liner and cover. You do see them for sale every once in a while and often they are in very good condition, mostly having stayed in their boxes since the war.

    Hawkes & Co. were a high end maker of headgear since the reign of George III who was a customer. The firm also invented the Wolseley pattern pith helmet for Wolesely who was also a customer, as was Stanley (of Dr Livingstone fame) who was clad in Hawkes & co from head to toe.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    This ensemble sold for about $2500 U.S. I was way off. In my opinion that was a steal.

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