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WWI Gor Blimey

Article about: Hi All, As a new member to the forum I wanted to introduce myself and thank you for your informative and interesting forum. With the centennial fast approaching this past year or I have trie

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    Default WWI Gor Blimey

    Hi All,
    As a new member to the forum I wanted to introduce myself and thank you for your informative and interesting forum.
    With the centennial fast approaching this past year or I have tried to assemble good representative examples of WWI uniforms focusing on early war caps. So far I have a named Border Regiment 1905 pattern OSD cap and an officers Gor Blimey trench cap.
    At this juncture I am looking for an example of the 1915 pattern OR Winter "Gor Blimey" Trench Cap. Such caps are getting harder and harder to come by and the prices are continually on the rise for the few available. As a result I want to be well informed and know what to look for. Can someone tell or show me the basic characteristics to look for in an authentic Gor Blimey trench cap?

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    Actually its COR blimey,a time old saying from the London areas, another derivative would be GAWD blimey :-)

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    Both 'gor' and 'cor' names are commonly used.

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    cor blimey welcome.

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    Personally I think you can spell it whichever way you like, it's only a slang term after all. The official name is "Cap, Winter Service Dress", and the pattern was introduced in November 1914.

    Prepare yourself for some disappointment as regards getting one of these. They were next to impossible to find 30 years ago and haven't got any easier since. The last genuine one I saw sold a couple of years ago for 2200, I kid you not. My suggestion would be to go for what's easiest to find and be prepared to accept something late war. Early war issue uniform and headgear is notoriously rare and most stuff that has survived is was given out in 1918 or 1919, usually on demob, but 1918 is still WW1. You can still find nice examples of the serge soft cap, introduced in 1916 for wear behind the lines. Ditto the final patt Brodie helmet, though they seem to have gone a bit mental recently.

    Good luck in any case. This stuff is getting harder and harder to find. Maybe the centenary will bring out a load of it, but then prices, which are already very high, will no doubt rise even further...

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    Cor Blimey, stone the bl**ding crows! Welcome to the Forum.


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    LOL~~ speaking of semantics, how about the origins of the exclamation "bloody" ? I heard an amalgamation of "by our lady" I think meaning the Queen. Anyone on this? Cheers!

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    Cor or gor Blimey is a corruption of 'God Blind Me'

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    In answer to original query about the Winter, Service dress or "Gor Blimey": Introduced in Nov. 1914, these were colloquially known as "Gor Blimey" caps. This functional and utilitarian cap was heavily padded in the crown, lined with quilted shirting material. It had an external neck flap, which could be un-folded during inclement weather. It was made without wire stiffener to the crown and also had a non-rigid peak. Although made without chinstraps, some soldiers added one. Issued to troops just before going overseas and used in the active areas. Quoted from J. Bodsworth, vol.1 Clothing and necessaries. Uniforms/equipment of the Great War. William1's view is very realistic and he seems to be a seasoned vet on this issue.

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    Thanks Nigel, I like to help if I can. I've collected since the early 80s and had plenty of kit through my hands before faking and copying began in earnest.

    I differ from Bodsworth slightly on the description of the lining, actually two thickness of shirt material stitched together in a spiral so not really quilted.

    Campaign 1914 by Chris Pollendine is a new book (only just out) published by Military Mode, the publishing arm of Regimentals, on WW1 British uniforms and equipment, with high definition photographs of original items including more than one of these caps. If I were a novice collector I'd be buying it. EDIT: Am I allowed to mention that, or is it prohibited advertising? Mods please delete the last para if I'm breaking any rules!

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