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WWI toothbrushes

Article about: Does anyone have a clue about military toothbrushes? Were they issued as military toothbrushes or did a soldier bring his own? I bought one years ago on a visit to London which Iíve attached

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    Quote by Mark Holden View Post
    I have just found a dated WW2 toothbrush on a reputable dealers site for £100 so start rooting around for the WW2 versions as well!

    I saw one a couple of weeks ago, probably on ebay, but wouldn't have a clue if it was original or not. It was dated 1939 and had the broad arrow mark, I've been unable to post under my account name ynot so have re-registered but now I can't find where I saw the 1939 dated toothbrush.


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    Another WW1 dated toothbrush on ebay this week.

    Original, Dated British WW1 Tooth brush | eBay

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    The same person has a replica too Replica WW1 British Tooth brush | eBay


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