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WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

Article about: Just to add some period interest for this historic MG:

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    Default WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

    Just to add some period interest for this historic MG:

    WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

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    Default WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

    WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.
    1920's gun team.

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    Default Re: WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

    Very rare image of a camouflaged MG with the MGC. Period evidence of painted British kit is hard to find.

    WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

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    Default Re: WWI Vickers .303 MG Images.

    Any story with the first pic? ...Looks like one hell of a battle took place there.

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    unknown to me. It is a German made photo and postcard - quite often (sadly) the Imperial soldiers at the time took photos of battle casualties and some were turned into normal postcards to send home! I will post some more of these type of images in the correct threads AIF.

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    Default Vickers views.

    This is a very well known image.

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    The 1st photo was taken by the Germans, and I am sure it was taken during Operation Micheal as I know someone that has a few taken around the same time of knocked out British Tanks
    The "Truck" looks similar to the Canadian and British "Motor Machine Gun" units.
    I have seen an original Canadian one, however I wish we had a photo of the front of the truck.
    The numbering on the photo also looks the same as the ones my friend has, and they have both German and English writing on the backs, one states they were taken from a German

    Just My Thoughts

    Dean O

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