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Placement of the vote button

Place the button in mostly viewed pages of your website as index or main page, where the peoples can easily find it and vote for you, the best of best if you place your code at all of your pages.

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Your site can be placed at the top and bottom of the toplist this feature is not a free, contact us for further information


After you got code from us you can integrate it as is on your web page. The button is transparency and will not destroy your design's look. But if you don't like our design, you can change your button design at yourself. as shown in this picture

Just replace the path where your designed image is located , width and height you will choose yourself.

The rest of code must be untouched, if you will make some changes in the rest of code it will not work and the peoples cannot vote for you.

After all changes made, please contact us


Installation and Integration

MOTE! No any links to is allowed. !Here you can find out all necessary information how to install/integrate the HTML code which you will get after registration in our toplist to your web site.

If you don't know how to do that that FAQ can help you. In other way- contact your webmaster or you also can contact us, and we will help you.

It's a very easy and simple.

Firstly copy the code with right mouse click in the page opened after successful registration, see example 1

Example1 Click to enlarge

Open your webpage in your HTML editor (shown example is Microsoft Frontpage 2003) and place at the left corner SPLIT tab (Example 4, position 1) ,

to see the design of your page and HTML code

Place the mouse pointer at the place where you want to integrate the vote button, (the vote button is transparent and can fit to your design).

 Allocate this place as show on the Example 2, and marked with red as "2", then in the HTML code you will see as shown in the picture marked as red "1".

Place the code as show Example 1 to the HTML code area( as shown in our example:- replace allocated with blue color code with the right mouse click ( position 3 in the picture)

      Example 2 Click to enlarge

After that it will look like this:  Example 3

       Example 3 Click to enlarge

Also you can place your code in header or footer area.

       Example 4 Click to enlarge

Example 4 show you allocated with red 2 place where we will place a vote button. In our example we allocate the text" August 7 2007"

to see where exactly this frase in HTML code above. Allocated with blue HTML code (Example 4, position 3)show: the phrase "August 7 2007" inside a header tag <H2>August 7 2007</H2>.

We paste a copied HTML buttons code before tag <H2> and will get this: Example 5

        Example 5 Click to enlarge

By default our code is center aligned, but you can always change that position to the left or right by clicking a featured tab( code must be allocated as shown on the example 5)in your

HTML editor as shown here: Example 6

        Example 6 Click to enlarge

After that, just save your page and upload to the server.


Thank you for your time to read this FAQ


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