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Deactivated Soviet shell case deco decorative 30x165 mm USSR marking: И for Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 autocannon 1976-1980 year


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30x165 mm deactivated shells for GSh-30-1, GSh-30-2, GSh-6-30, GSh-301 Gryazev-Shipunov autocannon



I'm a private collector and now I offer for sale some shells 30x165 mm from my collection. Available quantity: 5 pcs.

Shells were prodcued between 1976-1980.

All shells with russian marking: "И".

Shells made from steel and re-painted.

Weight: ca. 312-332 g


Without hazardous material ! Shells are empty and primers are beated (damaged). Shells are not drilled.


Markings at the bottom of shells: 

1. 152-76 ; 184 - И

2. 181-76 ; 184 - И

3. 359-77 ; 184 - И

4. 379-78 ; 184 - И

5. 485-80 ; 184 - И


After purchase you can choose markings. If I don't get this information I ship randomly !


Price for 1 pc: 4,99 EUR


Shipping cost depend on the destination (country, zip-code) and weight of parcel (quantity of shells). Please ask me about shipping cost to your country before purchase !


Payment: PayPal, bank transfer, cash on delivery (C.O.D.) - not all countries (please ask), Skrill, Western Union, Moneygram, Neteller, TransferWise, cash in value letter.


I have also other deactivated shells for sale:


- 20x102 mm Vulcan - link: https://www.warrelics.eu/forum/polish-militaria-sale-gold-members-only/deactivated-shell-case-brass-deco-decorative-20x102-mm-vulcan-m103-gds-20-x-102-mm-m61-vulcan-cannon-m61a1-m61a2-m16-803478/

- 30x165 mm with markings "606" - link: https://www.warrelics.eu/classifieds/1918-1991 Soviet Militaria/p15313-Soviet USSR deactivated shell case deco decorative 30x165 mm for Gryazev-Shipunov GSh-30-1 autocannon 1978-1993 year.html

30x165 mm with arrow marking (made by Izhmash) - link: https://www.warrelics.eu/classifieds/1918-1991-soviet-militaria/p15315-deactivated-soviet-shell-case-deco-decorative-30x165-mm-made-by-izhmash-ussr-for-gryazev-shipunov-gsh-30-1-autocannon-1978-1989-year.html













Keywords: deactivated shells, decoration 30x165 mm shells

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