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posted by Dkludlow22

I am in the market for a M40 helmet. Only request is a good decal. Price Range=200-220 USD
298 Fri June 8, 2018 01:00
Godet '21' EK2 Paying $300-$800
posted by spinnin4s

Wanted Godet '21' EK2 Paying $300-$800. fdramm1@yahoo.com
289 Sun May 20, 2018 02:51
Hitler Youth Armband
posted by wpheaton

Wanted 4 piece armband, red band, white band, white diamond & black cloth stitched on swastika, not printed or bevo.  For less than $75.  
255 Mon May 14, 2018 19:40
Silver Honor Pin of the NSD-Student Society
posted by medalnet

Looking for a Silver Honor Pins of the NSD-Student Society. The actual pin, photos, groups with pin and documents. Look here for more information: http:­/­/www&sh ...
254 Wed May 9, 2018 15:50
SS cap set insignia ( repro)
posted by oscarpilli
212 Tue May 1, 2018 04:27
SSVT brocade belt/buckle
posted by KRISSE

Looking for a SSVT brocade belt/buckle set. Offcourse with black lining. Thanks in advance. Kris
354 Sat April 28, 2018 08:15
Steel Luftwaffe Buckle
posted by jimm 1 stars

Dear Gentlemen , I am looking for a good Steel ww2 Luftwaffe buckle for my collection. If anyone might have one for sale please show pics I am based in the UK. Thank you in ...
340 Sat April 7, 2018 07:26
Luftwaffe EM M41 Tropical Field Cap
posted by RichieC

I would like to, at some point in the future, acquire an original example. I desire that it be in semi-salty/salty condition with authentic insignia. Re-application of the lat ...
406 Tue March 27, 2018 22:46
German aertex shirt with breast pockets
posted by JPhilip

Hello Gentlemen, For a current work i need a photo of a german aertex shirt with breast pockets....a simple photo from the front of the shirt put on a bust would be enough. A ...
249 Sun March 11, 2018 19:19
German mess kit DEF
posted by UK Cousin

Hello sellers. I am looking for a wwii german field mess kit with the DEF makers mark. Please message me if you have one. Thanks!
217 Tue February 27, 2018 22:41
MG-42 Reciever!!
posted by TheGoon

Im looking for a MG-42 receiver, fully functional, relic or deactivated condition doesn’t matter to me, let me know what you have! Thanks. 
241 Mon February 26, 2018 19:42
Wanted Field Gear; Bread Bag, Mess Kit w/strap, Map Case
posted by Larboard

Looking for genuine items in good condition, have cash or trade items (SS & Luftwaffe belt/buckles, lots of other great items).
383 Tue January 23, 2018 15:57
I am looking for German Government or Diplomatic Material
posted by mariscal rommel

I am interested in material from government officials and the German Diplomatic Corps.Above all I am interested in a tunic and a passport. I do not care about the tunic and co ...
649 Sun January 14, 2018 07:49
Rusted / Bodenfund 8mm Mauser Shells / Casings
posted by TimHull

I'm looking for completely inert rusted / bodenfund spent 8mm Mauser Shells / Casings ONLY (fired, without the bullet)... We need them to look very old and rusted. 
408 Tue January 9, 2018 08:11
Iron Cross Ribbon for a Tunic
posted by chbingle

I'm looking to buy an original ribbon to the Iron Cross 2nd class that is the correct size to attach to a tunic. I believe this would be 6 inches, but im not entirely sure.
397 Thu December 28, 2017 02:37
SS Totenkopfs + relics
posted by Styx

Hey all - looking for a preferably salty and issued Deschler totenkopf. Also looking for Totenkopf Div. collar tab, runic tab, generic SS insignia basically. Additionally s ...
581 Sat December 16, 2017 11:41
WWII German Vehicle Pennants and Other Flags
posted by TTT28

Hello Everyone, I am looking for various vehicle pennants, license plates and vehicle related items.  Send me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.&nbs ...
362 Fri November 24, 2017 01:41
posted by sutka

458 Wed November 8, 2017 01:36
Relic SS Cap Skull.
posted by The Devil's Bank

Genuine relic ground dug SS Cap Skull in decent condition.
329 Sun November 5, 2017 20:44
Sa stuff wanted!
posted by gunny 249

Looking for SA items such as caps, tabs and flags.
270 Tue October 31, 2017 00:38
Postschutz buckles with tabs and city designation
posted by dan d

I am looking for tabbed Postshutz buckles with the city designation code stamped on the leather via punch or stencil. If you would like to sell your Postschutz buckle please P ...
286 Mon October 30, 2017 20:43
Relic ZF41 scope and mount.
posted by Replace

Hi. I am looking for a relic/battlefield found german ZF41 scope and mount. Regards Replace
348 Wed October 4, 2017 18:16
WTB Hensoldt Wetzlar Ziel Dialyt 3x
posted by m4vrick

Hello, i've been looking for this vintage Hensoldt Wetzlar Ziel Dialyt 3x for some time. Scopes interest me. Please PM me if you are interested in selling one from your collec ...
319 Wed September 27, 2017 13:32
Overhoff Heer aluminium buckle with tab
posted by Joda

Hi folks, I'm looking for an Heer alluminium Overhoff buckle, complete with originally stiched leather tab. Lightly worn condition. Thank you in advance
257 Wed September 27, 2017 09:07
Overhoff Heer aluminium buckle with tab
posted by Joda

Hi folks, I'm looking for an alluminium Overhoff buckle, complete with originally stiched leather tab. Lightly worn condition. Thank you in advance
320 Wed September 27, 2017 09:07
Kreta German Stuff WW2
posted by DmytroY

Hello. Im lookinmg for German Kreta stuff. It can be documents cufftitle, paratrooper badges. 
351 Tue September 26, 2017 20:18
Early SA Ed Gembruch dagger!!!
posted by KRISSE

Looking for an excellent or mint early Ed Gembruch SA dagger.   Thanks.
369 Sun September 24, 2017 21:52
SS Hauptamt Cuff title & SS-VT General shoulder board
posted by Guderian

Hi, I'm looking: -SS Hauptamt Cuff title, the one in SILVER with two black lines -SS-VT General shoulder board Original, not post-WWII fakes. Thanks, George
269 Sat September 23, 2017 08:45
WTB the grip and any sheath for the miniature Luft sword letter opener
posted by PBaczuk

I am seeking a replacement hand grip and any sheath scabbard for the Luft miature sword.
475 Mon September 4, 2017 21:10
posted by sutka

Hi all looking to buy black SS visor in good condition thank you
364 Sun August 27, 2017 19:32
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