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Mantetsu, Very Nice, 1943, Nan-stamped


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A Spring 1943 Mantetsu "満鉄鍛造之" (Mantetsu Tanzo Kore), serial # ヱ 299. "Nan" stamp.

B E A utiful blade! Nice gunto overall, heavy in hand. I will say that I believe this gunto arrived in the USA weathered and worn, and someone between then and now did a really nice job returning it to it's original beauty. I say this because the rayskin same' is yellowed and a little cracked, yet the ito is clearly new (nice re-wrap job!) and the kabutogane and sayajiri are immaculate even though the ashi shows normal wear. I think the cloth sarute is new as well.

So, a real pretty piece, nicely restored (my opinion, heck I could be wrong and it's all original!).


I'll pay shipping in the USA, and up to $80 international.

Keywords: Mantetsu Type 98 Officer Gunto

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