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Early war tunic, Heer, Gefreiter Funker, Gorgeous, Correct, extras


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An amazing tunic, should really be in a collection where it is seen rather than my hidden attic display.

This tunic is as straight as they come, unaltered post war. I added the wound badge and combat badge with good genuine pieces that fit the existing loops perfectly. The price I have listed is for the tunic with badges. At this point I can't even find a similar itme to compare but ten years ago this was going for $1500. I have lots of beautiful field gear that I could easily piece out indididually but would rather not, minty 1939 dated gas mask set, outstanding 6x30 gasses in bakelit case with shoulder strap, pony pack with it's own original Zeltban!, belt/buckle, gorgeous cap with very matching piping. M40 helmet in completely unadulterated since the war condition, canteen, matching K98k ammo pouches, cleaning kit, Esbitt stove, fighting knife, flashlight, etc. Also a fantastic F.W. Holler Police sidearm "bayonet", Dusseldorf unit, all matching, frog and portapee knot.

Also some Signal mags ans other period paper, as well as 50lbs of books on the Third Reich including some of the great books on German field gear and insignia. I'd like to sell it all at once to someone who has the right display space for this collection. Everything is as good as an item gets. Prices will reflect the size of the order as well as other factors. I really care about this stuff and I really want it to go to that one person who will both treasure the items and give them the museum setting they deserve.

Keywords: WWII German Wehrmacht Heer Funker Gefreiter Tunic

IMG_0001.JPG 872ABB3D-4074-47B3-8A07-DF3E4A32D9E8.png Funker_.jpg 32848487_1908033649214881_4586490279980171264_n.jpg German_Uniform_1.jpg