Hello everyone, my birthday is coming up, and I thought I'd put up a bit of a wishlist because no one in my family knows what to get me, lol! I'm NOT looking for freebies! I do have a $200 USD max limit though. Here's what I'm looking for:


German Helmet shell - painted, raw, slightly rusted, no major pitting or cracks, WWII era, something along that line. I find refurbishing helmets to be very rewarding and relaxing.


German relic helmets that have been found, or have provenance linked to the following countries: (Preffered countries in bold.)

Italy, Greece, Norway, Estonia, Karalia, Poland, France, Normandy Holland, Belgium Kursk, Kurland Pocket and other places along the Eastern Front.


Relics having been associated or found near or on Waffen SS positions, such as Nord, Viking or Panzergrenadier divisions


Piece of a Stuka


Battlfield relics, i.e shrapnel, bullets, bullet casings from any WWII battlefiled (must have provenance)



That's it.