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Fake or real Iron Cross

Article about: Andrew, thank you so much, as I learn one thing it is that most people are or have good intentions, but I am finding that in here, after reading posts from this board I feel it's the best in

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    Default Fake or real Iron Cross

    Let me introduce my self, My name is Robert and I am new to both collecting, and this form. I made a post on another question but felt this one should have it's own post.

    I am looking to buy an Iron Cross 1st class, but it's through an auction so I can't put my hands on it. I am posting the photos for you all to pick apart, or to just give me your input. Thank you and I look forward to learning as I start my collecting.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Fake or real Iron Cross   Fake or real Iron Cross  

    Fake or real Iron Cross   Fake or real Iron Cross  

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    Default Re: Fake or real Iron Cross

    Hi Robert
    It's looks okay to me, L/21 = Förster & Barth Pforzheim as the maker(If I remember right)


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    Default Re: Fake or real Iron Cross

    350.00 is the price the dealer wants.


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    Default Re: Fake or real Iron Cross

    Its a okay price for a cased 1 class ironcross, but wait to buy it to you got some more answeres and replies from the guys in here, they know what they talk about

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    Default Re: Fake or real Iron Cross

    Förster & Barth did not, in my experience, manufacture the Iron Cross. There are, by my current reckoning, eleven manufacturers of the screwback variety of the Iron Cross, 1939. All screwbacks were private purchase pieces. It is important to know where the maker marks are located in order to differentiate reproductions. They are as follows:

    L/11, Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid
    L/12, C. E. Juncker, Berlin
    L/13, Paul Meybauer, Berlin
    L/16, Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid
    L/18, B. H. Mayer's Hofkunstprageanstalt, Pforzheim
    L/50, Gebr. Godet, Berlin
    L/52, C.F. Zimmermann, Pforzheim
    L/53, Hymmen & Company, Lüdenscheid
    L/54, Schauerte & Hohfeld, Lüdenscheid
    L/55, Wachtler & Länge, Mittwaida
    L/56, Funcke & Bruninghaus
    L/57, Boerger & Co, Berlin
    L/58, Rudolf Souval, Wien
    L/59, Alouis Rettenmaier, Schwabisch-Gmund

    It is important to keep in mind only L/56 (Funcke & Bruninghaus) and L/58 (Rudolf Souval) marked the screw plate. The other manufacturers marked the cross.

    I strongly suspect the cross shown here is a high end reproduction of Eastern European manufacture, note the three piece oconstruction and seam, although the case looks good.

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    Default Re: EKI: Maker mark question

    looks like another flock . @#$!$#%

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    Default Re: EKI: Maker mark question

    It looks like a good Iron Cross to me. Don't like the box. Usually
    screw backs a purchased by the holder they are not awarded with a screw back. deww2collactor.

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    Default Re: Fake or real Iron Cross

    Thank You all I am wishing this to be an authentic cross, but there are many out there, and I for one would hate to reward a dealer or person by buying a fake being sold as real. I wish it wasn't so but there are so many low life's trying to steal hard earned money from honest people trying to have a hobby.


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    Default Re: Fake or real Iron Cross

    I have been looking at the maker mark for a few days now by searching online and other resources and there is a L/21, but as Bill said I have found nothing in regards to a screw back???

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    Default Re: EKI: Maker mark question

    hello again,
    i think information shared between fourms is ok. should be any way because the more we all know, the better off we all are.
    i'm no expert on crosses, but i have done way to much looking at them on the net. i found a great thread on another fourm about known flock fakes, and how to spot them. something we should know.
    here is a link. Floch Article: EK - KVK - Clasp - Militaria Forums
    you might need to be a member to see the pic's ? scroll down the page to a side by side view of 2 EK 1's the screw back plates numbers are what says its a Flock. it's really interesting reading. i suggest reading it.

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