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gun show need help EKs

Article about: someone on this forum (i cant remember who) gave me some very good advice that ive started to follow. buy more expensive things. its better to have a smaller collection of very nice things t

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    Default gun show need help EKs

    Im 14 and have about $250 saved and im going to a gun show tomorrow and need help from telling a real authentic iron cross from a reproduction. I know the magnet test and how it wont work on brass kligsmarine and eks later in the war and that its supposed to be in two parts. My hopes are to find a ek first class but i will settle for second class since the first class are a little high price range. Should look for color??? need help.thanks.

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    Your best bet would be to go to the relevant section here and study the photos of the different crosses and their fittings. Good luck.

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    save you a trip to the show,,,,buy one from me...guaranteed original for life,,,then you can study this one and use it as a guide for future purchases,,,LOL,.,,

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    Maybe you could send a pic from the gunshow of an EK you like the look of to this forum ?

    It is too big a subject to educate you before tomorrow. Like Tom suggests, have a look at the EK threads on this forum tonight

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    If you have $250 to spend on an EK, why not buy a guaranteed original example from a fellow collector or dealer instead of risking your cash at a gunshow where you may or may not buy a good one.
    You might get lucky but the chances are you might not. Take a look at the fake EK2 thread here and ask yourself if you could tell the difference at a gunshow.......

    Looking for LDO marked EK2s and items relating to U-406.....

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    if i had that much for an EK, i would personally save a bit more and buy myself a nice first class.

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    Take a trip to the gun show, but do not buy anything. Just look!
    There is alot of kind collectors in this forum, who will help you buy a nice cross. But you need time to learn about the crosses.
    I started collecting EK2's seriously for little over 1 year ago, and I have learned very much in that year. I have approx 50 EK2's incl. some very very rare ones in the collection now, and have never bought a fake.
    But only thanks to other members of the internet forums.
    Please take your time to study the crosses and post the crosses that you want to buy here. Then I and other collectors will help you the best we can!
    It can be VERY hard to tell a good cross from a fake in the start!!

    And remember:
    if you have the slightest doubt, don't buy..
    if it is too good to be true, don't buy..

    Just my opinion!

    Best Regards Sonny

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    This is all very sound advice and I would add my voice to it.

    Money burning a hole in your pocket, plus inexperience and a gun show sounds like a recipe for disaster. I know, been there and done than when I was young....

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    i didnt end up going but a went to a few antique shops and bought a cloth pin thing for $2 and a hell on wheeles uniform for $45 pants and uniform i think its korea of Vietnam dress

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    Default Re: gun show need help EKs

    Next time or when you get ready to get your EK or anything else, just take your time, research others, and post pics here. It just takes some time but it is worth buying a real one!!!

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