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Anyone visiting Normandy anytime soon?

Article about: If anyone here is planning on visiting Normandy sometime soon and would be willing to take some close up pictures of my great uncles grave marker, I would appreciate it very much. He is buri

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    Default Re: Anyone visiting Normandy anytime soon?

    Quote by jma View Post
    No problem at all, i hope the photos were ok for you.


    The photos are great. Very clear. You take really nice pictures.

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    Default Re: Anyone visiting Normandy anytime soon?

    Hi Joel,
    I know your post was dated 2009 and am not even sure if your still on line but i am visiting Normandy in September, i have noted your Great Uncles details and will certainly take some close ups for you. We were planning to pay our respects to a soldier killed in Normandy and to lay some flowers at the gravestone. Would you mind if we did this to your great uncles grave. We will place yuor name on thesec flowers and send you photos.
    Purpose of our visit is to retrace my grandfathers steps. He landed at Sword Beach and survived the war but we are going to visit Utah, Omaha and surrounding areas so Colleville Sur Mer is smack bang in the route.
    If there is anything you would like in particular placed there let me know it would be an honour.
    Hope to hear from you

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