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German WW2 gunboat on Cyprus

Article about: Cyprus had 3 of these old german Räumboote: Even they looked better in those times

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    Default German WW2 gunboat on Cyprus

    I'm currently enjoying a relaxing (and very much boring) vacation on Cyprus and yesterday I saw this boat when strolling down the pier in Larnaca. Very interesting history indeed, and ironic that it's being used as a tour boat these days.

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    Obviously had some re-fitting, but still very cool.........!


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    It's for sure the place I would like to have my wedding lol

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    Would be nice to see a photo of this vessel in its heyday for comparison.

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    They have modified it very well !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    it's been totally ruined as a german gunboat,not for my collection.-------------------------------------------Lol

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    How would you even display it?

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    Quote by Glenn66 View Post
    How would you even display it?
    Same as I do mine. Get a few 'shipmates' to pop over for tiffin.....

    German WW2 gunboat on Cyprus
    'I do not think we can hope for any better thing now.
    We shall stick it out to the end, but we are getting weaker of course, and the end cannot be far.
    It seems a pity, but I do not think I can write more. R. SCOTT.
    Last Entry - For God's sake look after our people.'

    In memory of Capt. Robert Falcon Scott, Edward Wilson, Henry Bowers, Lawrence Oates and Edgar Evans. South Pole Expedition, 30th March 1912.

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    I prefer Neds boat and all who sail on her.

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    lol NED this just turned in to one of my all time favorite threads of WRF

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