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Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

Article about: Many thanks for your time and effort Luckystrike , this is an awesome thread many injoyable times , cheers Raymond

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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Yes Rudeerude it is from an Insel.

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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Hi Rudeerude.
    Again a lovely set of pictures, which I think would have been a hard match because time hasn't stood still. The once small conifer growing at the back of the shed 66years ago is now a 20m monster with huge branches drapped over the wood shed hiding it until your almost upon it. You've made a good job of it, Thank you.
    Good to hear from you again, that was one great show you went to and I bet a good time was had by all. Although I would have loved to have gone in person, your photographic tour is so detailed with many fine pictures that I feel I was almost there, you've captured the atmosphere. Thank you for posting them.
    ps I like your bell type tent.

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    LUCKYSTRIKE here goes another for ya.Enjoy

    Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    The soldier on the right says "I just gave that tank a parking ticket". Excellent job!

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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Hi rudeerude.
    Thanks yet again for that another superb picture amalgamation, I had to look really close to see where the 40's ended and the noughties began. Im sure your picture would look great hanging in that hotel foyer.

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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Hey Ardennen-Enthusiasts. Interested in pictures of my recent journey to the Dec. Events in Bastogne???

    Then let me know


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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Hi Alex, yes, please post them!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hamish Wiggens

    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Hi All,Im pretty new to this forum.I love what i see.And As others have already noted.The comparison photos are bloody amazing! Im slowly getting my grandfathers war time experience as an anti aircraft battery technician when he was based in Auckland New Zealand during WW2 compiled.So when its complete i will try and place it on this forum for all to read. I also have to take a few snaps of a german sword and a bunch of medals etc my grandfather handed down to me.

    Regards Hamish
    Western Australia
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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Hi Alex (Weyax)
    Its good to hear from you, thats a nice picture you posted, must have been a great show, the snow sets the mood. I'm looking forward to seeing more when you have time to post them.
    Have a good Christmas.

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    Default Re: Now & Then.. Ardennes Iconic Image Journey..

    Sorry Adrian, I'm very busy and I made over 300 photos that I will post step by step.

    For the beginng: We drove early in the morning from the german Hunnenrücken to the Mosel-valley down to Luxembourg and right up to Bastogne.
    It was cold, misty and last week we had 40cm snow.

    At 9 o clock we reached the army barracks of Bastogne and looked at the vehicle-display:

    a nice Sturmgeschütz

    a Churchill in the Ardennes, not so often to see

    The usual Shermans, short and long barrel

    Mathilda right from Africa

    nice Halftrack

    And a lovely Staghound

    A nice display in English

    American light wight

    German Jäger-Power

    Stuart with harvester

    Than we went to the Nuts-Cave where nice displays could be seen

    Command post

    General Mc. A. in his office

    The famous Christmas-Dinner

    Thick german throwing-power

    No good place in these days

    and again the hunter of the ambush

    Afterwards we went outsides because the vehicles were waiting to bite the snow

    We went into the direction to Recogne

    and marched

    to look after our bad heroes which died too in the Ardennes

    A column of the actors was formed here,
    leaded from a Sherman

    and followed from a Jäger in his back, must have been a strange feeling

    Nice little snow-mobile

    The rest of the column

    A hard fighting between the Germans in Cobru and the Americans in Recogne was expected
    Cobru Map | Belgium Google Satellite Maps

    The first units arrived and made their emplacements

    The still international column made its way through the narrow streets

    Its very amazing that in these villages nothing had changed for nearly 70years

    The old church at Recogne

    where an aid-station for the americans was emplaced

    Rest will follow

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