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Villers-Bocage Then & Now......

Article about: Just spent a most enjoyable week in Normandy, with V-B as our 'local' town. As has been said many times, there's not much to see. But if you have a good selection of books the 'Wittmann' loc

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    All of the photos above featured in issue 29 of AFV Modeller July/August 2006. They were taken by Yann Jouault.

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    Not forgetting front and rear mudguards, Tiger 1 style…
    Villers-Bocage Then & Now......

    Villers-Bocage Then & Now......

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    Photos of some of these can also be found in 'Panzers in Normandy, then and now'
    " I'm putting off procrastination until next week "

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    Great pictures and that turret floor piece is from 007.

    I just wish Yann Jouault would write a book about this battle.

    Providing real decent pictures (Then & Now?) and the earlier routes the Tigers and Shermans came from.

    Just to see the the way both armies were set up and hopefully the "other destroyed Tigers" that were lost in the battle.

    I've always wondered what happened to Elkin's Sherman Firefly?..

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    There is an interesting story of when Wittmann's wife visited that museum

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    What is the story my friend?

    What/Where is the Museum?

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    Not really a museum, local farmer has a collection in his barn including the floorplate from the turret of the tank

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    I believe Kevin Wheatcroft has that plate now, he's restoring two Tigers and a King Tiger..

    Probably that collection has now gone

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