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The Vimoutiers Tiger - a history

Article about: by lebus12 On the first picture, it's me!(This picture is mine, but one time on the web, it's finished!) In the 60's-70's, I was every month in the Falaise pocket! Thank you Lebus for provid

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    And heaven help us if they put eyes on it and call it "Tanky McTank Face" ( just to please the kiddies )
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture The Vimoutiers Tiger - a history  
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    Who does it belong too, the French government or the local town authority. Depending on which who decided to put it in a museum and which one. This was on my bucket list to see, a relic of the war in the area that it fought in, sad to see it go.

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    I'm sure once the restoration (?) is completed, a debate will happen about what to do with the Vimoutiers Tiger.

    She does need a period inside, so a thorough inspection can be made.

    Surely during the Summer months, she could be put back on a plinth once again.

    CCTV could also be used to keep an eye on her..

    It will cost quite a few bob to make her "decent" again. Surely "Saumur" has Tiger parts hidden away that could be re-used again.

    Only time will tell.
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    This is one of those things that I always felt may happen, which is why over the years I've paid so many visits, and detoured so many times, to visit what is my favourite WWII relic.

    Head says it's deteriorating and shouldn't stand in the open. But heart always races at the sight of the Tiger as you climb the hill from the town. And the La Gleize King Tiger sits in the open......

    My heart wins the argument here. The Vimoutiers Tiger sits on the battlefield and should remain there as a silent memorial. It shouldn't be 'caged'.

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    I just hope the restoration isn't just cosmetic, this should be treated with the respect this Tiger deserves.

    She has been a lonely old lady now, out in all the elements.

    She has given huge joy to thousands of visitors to Vimoutiers for many, many years.

    She belongs to Vimoutiers, where she has stood proud, in front of all her adoring public. She should be put back.

    Hopefully, a special plinth/building could be made for her, where she belongs, so more future visits to this Lady can be made.

    Just imagine?.. the Vimoutiers Tiger, driving along the roads of Normandie once again, her Maybach engine roaring

    So, come on Saumur Tank Museum:

    Start a fan club,

    1/ where we can all join with a membership.

    2/ Donations of a few £$'s, with all proceeds going towards this costly restoration.

    3/ Original Tiger parts just laying around sheds, back yards and the like, I'm sure they would be greatly appreciated by the Museum.

    Lets get the "old girl" back to her best, then lets see her where she truely belongs.

    Her home.

    That place is Vimoutiers.

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    Quote by Paul D View Post
    Just an update , the Tiger is now fenced off and will shortly be moved to Saumur Tank Museum for an overhall . The bad news is it isn't going back outside it will be going into a Museum.
    Any pictures Paul?

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    The all Vimoutiers Tiger story started with Alain Roudeix. While he was driving by he saw scrap dealers already working on the beast. Both bulldozers used to remove the Tiger from the road side were rearing on the their back wheels...

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    Is this still in situ, not seen it yet

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    I think it is allwys in place, with a fence.
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    If I remember correctly, this Tiger wil be evaluated at Saumur Panzer Museum.

    I do believe she will be back at Vimoutiers, when finished, under her own canopy (?).

    I think I had a e-mail from Saumur a while back..

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