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As a collector of US Shoulder Sleeve Insignia WWII , I have ventured out to add specific WWII British Formation signs to go alongside there Brothers in Arms.

What I look for in a Formation sign/Patch reference book are three basic points: Historical accuracy , Detail and clear large pictures of Insignia , both front and reverse.

This book covers what I'm looking for as a novice collector of Formation Signs, the detail of insignia is brilliant , you can see the thread , stitch , the "goods" or backing they were machine , printed and hand embroidered on and is exceptional quality for one to make an informed decision.

When sorting out the WWII/1945 to post WWII elite Formation signs or Patches is always going to be the angst of any collector , this will solve most of the issues.

This is the first volume , the second will cover the Allies and more.

If you collect , British Airborne , US Airborne or any Airborne Formation Signs or Patches of WWII/post WWII this book is for you.

Some of the contents covered:

Parachute Wings
Indian and locally produced wings
SAS and other SF wings
Glider Trained Infantry Badge
"Light Bulb" parachute badges
The Parachute Regiment Badge
Air Landing Infantry Badge'
All Arms Airborne Insignia
Airborne and Parachute Shoulder titles
Air Landing Shoulder Titles
The Pegasus Formation sign
The Airborne Strip
Post War Formation signs
Drop Zone flashes

Plus 13 other chapters-311 pg.