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WWII British Paratrooper Smock

Article about: Hi folks, I got this WWII British paratrooper smock with a bunch of other things and got it for a good price. The person I got it from said it was a 1950's Belgian paratrooper smock. I can s

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    Label is not British and the stripes are not WW2. Rob

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    Yeah, you are probably right, as in being Belgian, just wanted to get my facts straight before I labeled anything this or that. I will let you guys know if I find anything else. And I do think it's still cool, if it's a from a Belgian sergeant. Thanks and stay safe. Ian

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    Hey Kryton, is the rank British too, or is it Belgian? Thanks for your input. Ian

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    I can’t quite tell how big the stripes are but they look like 70’ s Brit stripes. I don’t know what Belgium stripes look like . But I will google it for future ref. Rob

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    Ok, thanks. Ian.

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    For those who are interested:

    I got the black light out and the date is 1954. Not all that surprised and is nice to know the date
    of the uniform. Interesting piece! Anyway, sent some pictures off to the Belgian Military Museum and this is what they said,

    "Concerning your mail of 16 July, the sergeant stripes on the smoke ( British origin ) I have dived into my collection of license plates and can you say that this collection from (UK) dates from around the 1950s.
    For the smoock no problem.
    As far as the Segt stripes are concerned, these are also of American origin.
    In appendix you see stripes for sgt van:
    British (UK)
    US Army ( US Army) whether or not from a specialist ( T )
    Belgian Sgt stripes.
    Decision: These stripes on the smile are not original and may be the fantasy of a previous owner."

    Now, I have handled a lot of American stripes and know that it isn't American, but probably post war British.

    Thanks for all your help! Stay safe. Ian.

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