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Another Luftwaffe aircraft relic

Article about: I recently got this large piece in the mail from Stalingrad. Luftwaffe aircraft skin fragments are my weakness LoL. Judging by the lettering on the piece it is defiantly German, but as with

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    Of course not ALL teardrop marking lights were Luftwaffe .............
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Another Luftwaffe aircraft relic  
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    Quote by MAP View Post
    So the tear dropped shape is roughly...? 5 inches?
    The tear drop shape is 7 inches long

    Best regards- Jarret

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    Quote by ian_ View Post
    I'm with Danmark on the navigation light mount, it's just the right shape. As far as reference books go, the Japanese 'Aero Detail' series are about the best, although very collectable and expensive. Googling 'walk around' for aircraft types often gets you some good museum example pictures. It's surprising just how many lumps and bumps there were on wartime aircraft, not like smooth model kits at all!
    Well from the help of ian_ , Jb4046 , and Danmark. I'm convinced this is a navigational light mount. The photos that were shown look strikingly similar. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction ian_ ! I will check out that series of books as well. So far ive been using the 'Walk around' series of books by squadron/signal publications. They are good reference books, but they dont cover everything.

    Best regards- Jarret

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    This is 4 year old subject but just came across it and had to add my 2 cents. The visible part of the stencil "lack gerspritzt" is computer translated as "lacquer sprayed" . Playing around with it I added "nicht mit" and "nicht mit lack gespritzt" translates as "not sprayed with varnish" ! Kind of an odd stencil for an aircraft ! AND the yellow paint looks transparent, overlapping the red stencil in places, at least to my eyes. The original yellow paint I've seen on a ME-109 awaiting restoration is opaque.

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