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F35 on Approach landing.

Article about: This is a common sight if you drive this route during the day and night. It is the Avenue next to the Yuma International Airport/MCAS Yuma. At times they come in a little lower and usually i

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    Default F35 on Approach landing.

    F35 on Approach landing.

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    This is a common sight if you drive this route during the day and night. It is the Avenue next to the Yuma International Airport on the way to MCAS Yuma.

    At times they come in a little lower and usually in set of 2 to 4 aircraft.

    Sometimes even TOO LOW.
    We once and only ONCE had one of our F-5's return to our line with barbwire wrapped around one of the landing gear actuators.
    That was from the fence that surrounds the Airfield
    You can see the fence line to the right of the Canal berm in the photo.
    Yeah That Low!!!!

    My former boss once saw a flash of yellow in his rear view mirror. A Harrier had dropped a external full tank during this approach and it did a napalm type of splash across the Ave. Luckily no one was behind him traveling down the road.
    Just some of the excitement of making this trip!!!

    Semper Fi

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    Hi, that is a fine pic. I live under the east going flight pattern out of Miramar. The F35 has a cool whine to their engine overhead as they head out to your part of town. Best, Bill

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    If you ever get a chance to be near one that is taking off, They will make your insides shake.
    They take off next to my Precision Approach Radar that is located between our 21R and 21L runways and it makes it rumble and vibrate.

    We have airfield lighting (PAPI) next to their turn up area on 3L. The control box has a relay in it to turn it on remotely, It shakes the relay contacts off! That took us a while to figure out what was going on with it, until we were out there working on it when a pair of them came by for take off.
    They maybe stealthy and Badass, But they are LOUD!

    Semper Fi

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    Hi, you are more fortunate. There is no public info on flights in and out of Miramar. It’s even tougher to get near the runway, especially the takeoff side. If one is lucky the landing side is right above the freeway lanes. On occasion I can hear takeoffs from 10 miles away and 8” later they cruise over my place. It was F14s way back when then F18 super Hornets. Bill

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    Yeah I work there Bill,
    It's one of the Benefits I get to enjoy.
    So getting close is a normal days occurrence.

    At times my job takes me all over the airfield.
    So F-5's ,AV8B's and the F-35 are a daily sight. During WTI all kinds of Aircraft come here from across the country and at times International guest come to visit. We have great flying weather and unmatched range access for all types of ordnance.
    It a great variety for those of us who love Military Aviation .

    Semper Fi
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