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Tail Wheel Tyre

Article about: G'day All, Can anyone identify what aeroplane this tail wheel tyre I have may be fitted to? Cheers in advance

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    Default Tail Wheel Tyre

    G'day All,

    Can anyone please identify what aeroplane this tail wheel tyre I have may be fitted to?

    Cheers in advance

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    My dumb research is pointing to a Spitfire? As we (Australia) did have them during WW2.
    I'd love to read any opinions.
    Cheers All.

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    Very nice item ! I'll try to start the ball rolling.....

    However, tail tyres without wheels can be difficult to identify ( the wheels usually have a relevant AM no. ). Most Spitfire tail tyre were sized 4.00-3.1/2 but someone else may have a more definitive reply.

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    I have found someone claiming this 4.95-3 1/2 was used on the fairly swordfish but Australia and that plane hardly makes me believe they started production for its wheels. ( they operated 6 swordfishes)

    WW2 Royal Air Force / RCAF Battle Swordfish Tail Wheel & Tire – VERY NICE! – Axis Militaria

    So I reckon it’s still another plane

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    You're quite right, Jb - the tyre was fitted to the Fairey Swordfish, and also the Fulmar and even the Fairey Battle. It could be tricky to pin this one down....

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    Thanks Guys for helping out so far, it's been a big question for a couple of decades.

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    The Boulton Paul Defiant aircraft used this sized rear tail tire or could possibly be a beaufighter tire.

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