Hello Folks

I am hoping some of you might be able to help me. As curator of the USAAF Station 597 Langford Lodge museum, here in Northern Ireland, I am looking to make a number of replica instrument panels for the displays. USAAF Langford Lodge had almost one of each type of aircraft that was in USAAF service between 1942 - 1945, for modification purposes. in the latter part of the war, a large amount of War-Weary B-24 Liberators and A-20 Havocs where stored, and broken up here, not to mention a number of WW B-26 Marauders, B-17's, and a number of War-Weary Fighters. I was hoping someone might have some diagrams I could work from to produce some of these panels for our displays. We had a very succesful open day for the museum, on the 8th September, last month, and had over 300 people in attendance. Youtube, Gartree Church, a day at Langford Lodge, for the ope day video if anyone is interested.

I hope you can help.

Many thanks