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V22 osprey over my house!

Article about: As some of you may know there is a huge military exercise with lots of countries involved going on around Scotland.. I was making a cup of tea and all I could hear was a super loud helicopte

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    American assault ship currently off Scottish coast

    I would presume this osprey belongs to that ship

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    Quote by Jb4046 View Post
    American assault ship currently off Scottish coast

    I would presume this osprey belongs to that ship
    They are on standby in case Nicola Sturgeon wins the election.
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    They cause quite a stir on the ground.

    During a recent casualty transfer exercise at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridgeshire an Osprey blew away the surface matting of the helipad.

    I hope this video works in all areas;

    Hospital Helipad DAMAGED During US Air Force Helicopter Takeoff - YouTube

    There was some consternation amongst local civilians who probably don't realise that the matting being damaged does not prevent helicopters landing and can be repaired in hours which I believe the US Airforce are addressing,


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    How about that FWAP,FWAP,FWAP that shakes the glass in the window frames!!!!!!

    We have them here and they do a great deal of house shaking when they fly low on the approach to the Base.

    So folks complain and the complainants come to us so the controllers can watch recording of my radar to see if the plane was above approved altitude, They always are!!

    One of my Sgt's had the AOOD duty and got a call from a guy saying if they come over my house again I'm going to shoot at them. My Sgt put it on speaker so the officer could hear it.
    The officer got on the phone and Advised him that they have a .50 Cal on the back ramp. And they will engage if receiving Hostile fire.

    The caller went silent, Then hung up.
    PMO was contacted and they said the caller had contacted them and they paid him a visit!!!!
    Problem solved

    Semper Fi

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    Hahaha that’s pretty cool Phil. Unfortunately I havent seen any more over my house. Which might be a good thing if they were flying any lower!

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    Nice one JB, once I was lucky enough to have 4 Aust army Black Hawks fly low over our place lots of years back. We don't see any military air traffic down here, so this was a very rare encounter for us!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture V22 osprey over my house!   V22 osprey over my house!  

    V22 osprey over my house!   V22 osprey over my house!  

    V22 osprey over my house!  

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