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Collection of WW2 relics

Article about: Hi all This is my first post so go easy !! Here a small number of the finds i have got in my collection. I have been metal detecting in various places over the past 5 years, finding my first

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    Default Collection of WW2 relics

    Hi all

    This is my first post so go easy !!

    Here a small number of the finds i have got in my collection. I have been metal detecting in various places over the past 5 years, finding my first relic on Sword beach some 5 years ago (half a cartridge case !). Since then i have gone from strength to strength and whilst only getting over to France/Belgium once every couple of years (what i term 'real' relic hunting), i spend alot of my relic hunting time on old WW2 firing ranges and airfields in the UK.

    So here we go with a small number of my most memorable finds.....

    A day at a virtually undisturbed WW2 firing range (my 4th visit in 6 months) gives a decent haul

    Sword beach 2 years ago came up with over 150 finds including..... the bottom half of a solid 75mm AP shell .... A striking arm from a British Mills grenade ....... the tail fin from a 2inch mortar round.

    A visit to the dunes about 1 mile from Vierville (Omaha Beach) produced a huge number of finds. Many in a small area where i think an american ammo dump was hit ?? What do you think ? Why else would so many casings be find so damaged in such a small area ?

    Also found this cut down 40mm round. It looks machined.....what could it have been used for ? An ash tray perhaps ?

    Lastly a cracking find on the 'secret' firing range i have found. Don't have a heart attack !! It's inert ! Trust me ..... when i found it i was on the verge of ringing the emergency services when i spotted the sand falling away from inside it. A bit of extremely gentle probing and i realised it was hollow ! A practice round perhaps ? A smoke round ? It is 80mm in diameter which, given the corrosion and expansion of the metal, leads me to believe it is probably a 75mm tank round.

    A view inside the round so you can see it's hollow !

    So what do you guys think ? I don't think i am doing too bad for a short timer !

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    Default Re: Collection of WW2 relics

    Short timer,long timer , its all great stuff . Did you use a detector on the Normany erea or just fossic around ,anyway good to see , cheers Raymond

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    Default Re: Collection of WW2 relics

    I used a detector but only within the demise of the 'beach'. The French are very VERY strict on the legality of using a metal detector on the land. The only place they can't stop you searching is the beach so thats where i stay.


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    Default Re: Collection of WW2 relics

    the picture of the " hollow" shell is a 25 Pr projectile , smoke or propaganda grenade , British or Canadian Artillery

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    Default Re: Collection of WW2 relics

    so whats the score useing a detector then, as i have been told that its not allowed full stop in france and belgium,and at the ports they even check to make sure you dont bring anything back into the uk,if im wrong though, when are we going again lol

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    Call to arms

    Default Re: Collection of WW2 relics

    Very nice collection.

    I have many relics that I have bought back from France from my trips to the Somme. Two years ago my Bed and Breakfast host told me that a Brit was prosecuted using a mine detector by a French court and it cost him 10,000 euro's. In my experience there is plenty to find/see on the surface if you look hard enough. I was stopped last October by French customs who went through my relics and let me keep all of them other than three fuses were were totally inert and are readily bought from cafe's???

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