Hope this is of some interest. Picked this up yesterday at a local bootfair. A nice pair of connecting rods believed to be from a crashed Hurricane discovered some years ago. After a quick research I think they are,
Merlin XX 1,280 hp at 3,000 rpm 1,490 hp at 3,000 rpm, +16 lb/sq.in boost, 12,500 ft Beaufighter II, Defiant II, Halifax II and V, Hurricane II and IV, Lancaster I and III, Spitfire III. First production version with two speed supercharger. Used 100-octane petrol (avgas).
They were pretty rusty/oily when picked up and after a light clean I have found a couple of one letter inspection stamps and some nice Rolls Royce part numbers on the shells. Also remains of black paint on the rods themselves.
The guy has many more engine parts in his garage including the crankshaft!

Hurricane connecting rods.Hurricane connecting rods.