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japanese aircraft

Article about: Ok so my dad fought in the pacific (42 months over there) I know where there are a couple of zeros that where set free. I would like to talk to someone about these that may have a serious id

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    Default japanese aircraft

    Ok so my dad fought in the pacific (42 months over there)
    I know where there are a couple of zeros that where set free.
    I would like to talk to someone about these that may have a serious idea about salvage? (they where not shot down no damiage from that, they where not ran over with a dozer) evan though i know where there is a place my dad told me about. with pictures of the planes being towed and burried on a Island.

    so pm me i will tell more

    I commercial fished most of my life off of the Oregon and Washington coast.

    I was drag fishing (trawl fishing with nets)
    so we kept hanging up the net on this one spot, so being a jerk that I am. I wanted to see what was down there. You ask so how do you find out what is 3500 feet below you. Well you slow the boat way down and hook it. So the jerk part is if you hook it and its to big to bring up well you get the pic. and if you hook it and only get part of it (part of it being the part of your net that you get back)

    So I slow way down and can feel the boat bogging and then gun it for the scoop affect, well i continue the tow for another 7 hours (if it went in and we still go cool)

    so after the nets aboard we sort it out I found about 35 pieces of torn alum a brief case a old album (coolest find it had 0 scratches on it) amaizing find so i set the record aside and it turned into a salad bowl lol warping like you would not imagian
    also there was leather navy shoes. the briefcase was empty and was a leather style (perhaps flight bag) it had a name and serial number but 20 min sitting out of the water that was gone.

    one of my friends pulled up the wing from a hellcat

    once off of adak island we pulled up a 5th wheel army truck with trailer attached was like new nice bright star and about 10,000,000 pieces of coral on the tires and any thing rubber verry cool was almost like a acid trip the colors lol

    another friend pulled up a 500 pound bomb and took it Into Grays Harbor Marina on the back of the boat (side note Local coast guard and the bomb team from Fort Lewis where not happy)

    10 inch artillery shell from fort stevans

    another friend found a artillery shell caseing off of seaside oregon that had japanese writing (he sold it at a gun show) now that could have been one of the shells used to shell Ft Stevans (they only firing on the United States since 1812,

    Astoria was a huge built up area there was tons of stuff floating agound

    there is a dock there its called tounge point the navy after the war mothballed a but load of liberty ships and lsts there. I grew up near there and the local guys would tell . Oh yea we had lots of work out there we would get the ships in and have to get them ready for mothballing (strip them and seal them) so anything that wasnt on the list to be saved was junked they told of finding old guns stashed just tons of things left on these boats now all personal effects left on the boat went over the side (guns etc that where not on the salvage list) one of them i bought a sword he had found hung down a vent shaft on a rope. was a kygunto

    but he said most of the crap they threw off the side of the boat, now if you know anything about throwing metal in the bud if you throw enough in the water it will make it "hot" meaning it will eat up the zinks on your boats and get into the steel. now I know of no one that has ever moored out there exept to work on some of the bigger boats but everyone says its way to hot to stay lol wonder whats down there ( and as a side not i have seen the picture that shows there the decomisoning was done)

    I have set foot on the only battle field to ever be left the way it was kiska Island what a trip stopped there in 88 during a brown spine crab trip spent 3 days exploring was like the war just ended and they threw it all down and ran (most likely they did lol)

    I have got to do some cool things and have some cool things another was ride in a stearman with a ww2 fighter pilot

    he had a couple of friends who had warbirds and they where comming thru so they stoped for a day must have been during the ba ba black sheep days because it was a coursair and a remade zero to watch them was cool they had a dog fight (was around 73 i think i was verry young ) another time his friend showed up with a focker tri plane color red of course. I got to go on the dogfight with ray in his steerman. Air sickness almost became a word that day to me lol

    so back to the planes interested, I have money (some) and a lot of experience researching and finding these. as firsthand eyewitness acounts. i would like to get these and sell a couple of them and keep the rest. of course you would get one too lol. there not in flying shape by a far sight, but complete , also as a side note when i was in kiska there is so much stuff it would take a liftime just going thru the unopened shipping crates in the wharhouses there

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    Default Re: japanese aircraft

    hi sounds great i'd love to see that island sounds like a relic hunters dream i hope you took some stuff for yourself,good luck with the aircraft recovery how bout some pictures .all the best eddy

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    Default Re: japanese aircraft


    i sent you a pm, i would love to help with your project even if it just using a shovel and pick to get them out

    regards Sam

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    Default Re: japanese aircraft

    here are some things to ponder, in new guinea, there was a airbase on the silly silly river, all planes where destroyed when the air corpes left, (destruction was to pull all airframes parts etc into a ditch and run them over with a dozer then it was backfilled) after the war was over Ie shima Island all aircraft that where not operational where burried. Tokyo Macarther orders all Japanes wepons destroyed. The Japanese where made to give up all swords, armor, etc. (including civilians) after ammasing them . Allid personell where allowed to go thru and take home trophys. after that all the (old swords, new swords old armor and weapons) where loaded onto a barges 3 of them. then taken out past tokyo bay and unloaded into the ocean (some sources say 2 barges where sunk) I have seen one picture of one barge (1000,s of swords on it) what a find today ehh.

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    Default Re: japanese aircraft

    A word to the wise,the New Guinea government,and others
    close by, take a VERY dim view of people,with good intentions or
    other taking their heritage and artifacts.
    You would not be allowed to take them out of the country,there
    have been many attempts over years to do so,and it nearly
    always ends up in tears.A recent example is a B17 that was
    recovered using the correct channels,it was confiscated on the dock
    ready to be loaded,due to" paper work " problems.
    It left after about 10 months and about $60 GRAND USD. EXTRA.
    You need to be VERY aware of what you may or may not undertake.
    You need contacts in country and lots of time and MONEY.
    I dont mean for this to be a downer,but I know quite a few people
    this has happened to.
    Regards Mike

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    Default Re: japanese aircraft

    here are some key words to ponder, International Waters, not controled by a active gov. Not a War grave, Not a battlefield, another key word Salvage Rites. ever do research on maritime insurance and a thing called bill of lading. Curious how many cargos have been lost on the hi seas. I spent 25 years at sea (not full time I went ashore a lot) fishing the Pacific Ocean. you know what you do when you are traveling 9 days between Alaska and Seattle?
    Well I read a lot. There is always a story withing a story etc.

    In the pacific northwest there are tons of warbirds unfound. check out the old storys just out of naval air station Astoria. , now stop and do yourself some reading there is a record for every aircraft lost. At sea, on land. every aircraft loss is reported with some idea of whereabouts. Evan the aircraft that are shot down are reported with locations. So exmp midway island research how many aircraft lost The Air Battle of Midway . So with that a start we can now look at where they where lost. Now remember all of those planes are there just have to find them if they are in International waters whos are they? as long as the canopy is open and no remains I say there for the taking

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    Default Re: japanese aircraft

    guess the right money didn't go to the right pockets eh?

    Some of the stuff brought back to our country from the Solomons was amazing, working ww2 era machine guns and rifles (since deactivated ) and large supplies of ammo and spares.

    I know of a couple of army warehouses that were filled to the brim with the handed in equipment.

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