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Rust removal and prevention

Article about: Was wondering what people’s favourite rust removal technique is for ground dug items? I mainly use clear vinegar (sometimes with salt) which is ok. Tried electrolysis but was not too impre

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    Hi yeti

    I found a completely rutsed Belt buckle at Halbe. A couple of days soaked in lemon juice worked great.

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    I got some Renaissance Wax but it’s leaving a weird grey residue on it. The Kar 98 bolt looked great when I applied wax last night but this morning it now looks messy. Any tips on application,how many coats?
    Rust removal and preventionRust removal and preventionRust removal and preventionRust removal and prevention

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    You might have applied too much of it. With Renaissance Wax, the idea is to apply a single light coat. A little bit of wax goes a long way, and you don’t need much of it to form a protective barrier.

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    Cream beeswax furniture polish works just as well, and is much cheaper... and it smells lovely too!
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