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T34/76 Restoration

Article about: Hi, I am restoring a T34/76, a long job, any information and help to find a 76 turret and any parts for a T-34 restoration would be much apprieciated, these as you may understand are not the

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    The T 34 76 turret is a hard to find nowadays, and I bet the price is around a price of the postwar T 34. There some of them is floating in Russia, but really I don't know who is the owners

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    Armour is definitely an expensive thing these days, but if I'm honest with you I have seen people asking more for Jeeps than what I paid for this. I am not in it to make money but if it looks after itself then that is a bonus. And yes some 76 turret prices are pretty expensive, but it would be nice to have one in places people could see alongside all the Allied and Axis equipment. There is much in eastern promise!

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