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WWII relics dive. Tanks, Jeeps, Trucks.

Article about: hi danger,brilliant pics mate,are you allowed to take anything home with you,thats if you can find anything small enoughpost more pics

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    Look foward to the pics mate.
    Not sure if it is, RE the relics - considering the Turkish government just built a bigger road and car park straight through the middle of the main landing beach.

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    The tour guide I showed didn't seem to mind.
    The historian I showed was very happy for me.
    You can't pick flowers or camp there though.

    Gallipoli 1915-2015. Helles, Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair...ANZAC cove.

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    God forbid you should pick a flower!

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    yeah I know!!

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    Quote by Danger View Post
    Hey guys,
    Well I'm back from Gallipoli and I have 1000 photos to go through.
    I did find a few things, but in my haste and excitement I picked them up before taking a photo of where they were.
    I spent 3 days crawling and hiking ridges and gulleys.
    Because I was part of a tour I couldn't really go too much off track.
    On the afternoon of ANZAC day I walked up to Lone Pine and then onto Chunuk Bair.
    I can tell you after being awake for 36 hours already and had another 10+ hours to go I was a bit sore.
    On the way up near Baby 700 there is Steeles Post behind Steeles and Courtneys Grave yard.
    I went in there and crawled around.
    Photos to come.....
    Then the next 2 days were split between the top and bottom of Gallipoli.
    1st day was Helles and Lone Pine.
    2nd day ANZAC cove and Chunuk Bair.
    On the second day they wanted to take us up to Chunuk Bair then drive us back to Helles for lunch then back to ANZAC cove.
    That would waste 2 1/2 hours of Gallipoli time.
    This is when I told my tour guide I'm not here for fancy lunches and I will not be going and to leave me here and I will meet you at the beach.
    I didn't travel to the other side of the world to see tourist friendly locations.....I'm here to experience Gallipoli.
    Half the bus felt the same and we took off with the tour historian and walked from Chunuk Bair down past Pink Farm onto Table top and down Outpost 2.
    We walked down the way the Kiwis went up to take Chunuk Bair.
    We even went off track and found a few old turkish fox holes. I had to lead the way out of there, that part is not on any tour.... ha ha.
    We had to crawl and bush wack our way out of there, great memories.
    My favourite part of that walk was going deep into the scrub and prickles on table top.
    A kiwi friend found a button, we were all looking for shells.
    I ended up on a cliff face looking down towards out post 2.
    I looked down and sitting half buried was a 303 shell, I was so happy.
    I picked it up and then poked a stick into the ground in the same place about 5cm deep and another shell popped up.
    If I had more time I would've had a really good dig, but I was last and people were calling my name....They were already halfway down.
    Getting out of there was harder than getting in.
    I gave one of the shells to an Aussie mate who was as desperate as I was to find one.
    Unfortunately I didn't find a bayonet, just way too over grown now.
    But I did get bullet shells, shrapnel, bits and bobs that I will try and post over the next few days.
    I will start a new tread and post the link to this one.
    Look fwd to seeing ya pics

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    Gallipoli 1915-2015. Helles, Lone Pine, Chunuk Bair...ANZAC cove.

    All ready to view mate!!

    Still have a few more to load up, just working on the order.

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    Anyone else been to santo? It’s worth the adventure!

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    WAW the pictures are amazing! and the site is quite incredible! :O This area is on my bucket list now! I must see it!

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