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Estate Sale finds

Article about: Had an absolute great day today. First, i hit a sale and picked up a WWII Navy grouping from a sailor from the USS Biloxi. Included were, various photo's, dog tag, discharge papers, a unifor

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    Default Estate Sale finds

    Ive been a collector for a long time, but recently started hitting up Estate Sales in the area as something to do in my free time. Ive made some pretty cool finds so far. In the last month, i have found: an M1 front seam swivel bale helmet (painted dark blue?) pair of boots from Korean war, a foot locker from Pearl Harbor, a 1943 Navy Life preserver, 2 First Cavalry patches, some pins, a large bag that i have no idea what it actually held, a WW1 dougboy helmet and a WWI US bugle. I dont think i have spent more than $120 on all of it. If anyone has any insight on what i found or questions, feel free! Ive attached some photos.

    Attachment 206095Attachment 206096Attachment 206097Attachment 206098Attachment 206099

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    just curious, how do you find estate sales??

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    Local papers, there are some online estate sale sites that sometimes will have pictures before the sale, and craigslist. The addresses are usually given out a day or two before the actual sales.

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    Slow week for estate sales because of the holiday. Did manage to pick up a couple medals on the cheap, i think they are pretty cool.

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    I think you have done very well. Keep up the good work!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    Had a good week at the estate sales. Picked up a US bayonet and a Japanese bayonet (pics to come) as well as some dog tags and a giant, WWII era US 48 star flag to use in my display.

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    Japanese Bayonet. US Camillus bayonet and scabbard, USCE Compass, and 1942 dated canteen and cover. What a week!

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    Wow good stuff mate,never seen any estate sales pop up over here so far but keeping an eye out! Nice finds!

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    Default Re: Estate Sale finds

    Great finds............!

    Nice U.S. WWI helmet - and the cutlery is nice too !


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