Went to a flea market today in the north of France. Got up early to be first, but we now have the storm that came over England yesterday, so it was raining cats and dogs.
It was suppossed to be a very big market with 500 stands, but many sellers didn't go because of the weather, and it was out-doors.
Still a lot of military stuff, but also loads of fakes and to expensive stuff. Saw a m42 camo lid for 450 euros, but with fake paint and bad liner. A M16 lid with no liner for 150, and other stuff like hand grenades that I don't buy anymore.
I spotted a very nice M31 gas mask canister, very dusty and dirty, but a good one and with the number painted on. The straps were missing as so often, and the seller was asking 60 euros for it. Not a bad price, but also nothing really exciting either, not like a Normandy camo or so. And even as I have a few M31's I made the seller an offer of 40 euros, and he accepted that. He also had two odd British lamps that looked like were once on a vehilce or something, Nice WD with broad arrow and a British wooden gas alarm rattler (with a broken handle) The lamps wer 15 euros and the rattler was 10. I only bought the canister, and when walking back to my car in de drizzle I passed the seller with the dodgy helmets. He saw the canister under my arm an asked if he may see it. He had a look and offered me 80 euros for it, and I sold it to him. So I only had the darn thing for 10 minutes! Didn't even take a picture or have a proper look at the markings or numbers.
Now I feel stupid for not going back to the other seller for the two British lamps and the rattler, but I was happy to get back to my car.
By the way; loads and loads of English people at the market. Even spoke to some English military sellers there.