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German ww2 crate from coastal fortress

Article about: Anyone able to help me identify this crate from a german coastal fortress?

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    Default German ww2 crate from coastal fortress

    Anyone able to help me identify this crate from a german coastal fortress?
    German ww2 crate from coastal fortressGerman ww2 crate from coastal fortressGerman ww2 crate from coastal fortress

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    That is an interesting item but I have no idea what belongs in it!

    What I would say is that is is obviously what in British military terminology is known as a "special to contents" container. This means that is is made specifically to fit a particular item and if it came from a fixed artillery positiion it is probably for a piece of ancillary equipment directly related to the guns.

    I would start by researching the position to find out firstly what kind of guns were located there and work from there including in your research everything required to service the particular type of gun.

    You don't give any indication of scale but the box looks large enough to be a two man lift when packed and this type of container is usually for something sensitive to being knocked around and that would not be permantently mounted. So, perhaps you might start with gunsights or other optical instruments but also signals equipment might be worth a look.

    Does the case have any markings or labels anywhere?

    Remember to post again when you find out!


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    Hey. I agree that it is made for a special purpose. The fortress was armed with 10,5 cm french fieldcanon k/331, 7,5 cm belgian fieldcanon FK 234 (b), 3,7 cm KWK canon and 20 mm flak 38. It also contained a 60 cm searchlight, a 120 cm searchlight, a radiostation, and a Kriegsmarine uboot sonar of all things. So there are many possibilities. �� But i would look into each one and hopefully find an answer.

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    I once had a box that looked similar to this and it housed a German WWII Kriegsmarine Gyro Sextant for navigation. I will see if I can find any old photos. It has since passed from my hands about 15 years ago. From what I remember the box was of blonde wood with stampings. From memory the housing structure looks very similar to yours. I am not certain your box is for that based on color and side handles. My box had a hinge and a strap on top. Yours may be bigger. Hope you find out. Any stampings of waffenamt or factory marks?
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