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Gebirgsjager Studio Portrait

Article about: A very nice portrait of a nicely equipped Austrian Gebirgsjager

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    Default Gebirgsjager Studio Portrait

    A very nice portrait of a nicely equipped Austrian Gebirgsjager

    Gebirgsjager Studio Portrait

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    A very nicely taken portrait.

    I can’t tell a lot about the soldier, however the image was captured by well known photographer Salomon Weitzmann who was born in the Ukraine in 1866 and died in Vienna in 1922 at the age of 56.


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    Looks like a fireguard as a gebirgs soldier, axe on side, horn and other equipment typical for Feuerschutz.

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    I was wondering about that, it was described as a gebirgsjager but he does look like a fireman...maybe forest fires ?....the helmet plate should tell the story....
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    I do agree

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