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British Union of fascists badge

Article about: Sorry if this is the wrong section of the forum for this post but I couldn’t see a section for the related subject. Does anyone have any knowledge of BUF badges ? I’ve just took a bit of

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    So there are indeed fakes out there. Fascist badges outside of Italy and Germany are actually highly sought-after and understandably very rare, as members would have sought to disassociate themselves with these organizations when the war began.

    There is an interesting thread over at GMIC. In fact, they have an entire interesting subforum dedicated for fascist organization items. It seems that it was once bustling but has largely puttered out over the years, perhaps because of global events and perceptions...

    Sorry, you do not have permission for that!

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    Sorry to say that the badge at the start of this thread is indeed a fake.

    Things to look for on an original:

    Maker mark on the reverse, Birmingham Medal Co (the underlined letter 'o' is more '0' shaped, fakes and Morigis made pieces look more O shaped.)

    The rose has sharper 'spear-pointed small petals' as opposed to bulbous looking petals on fakes

    The letter G looks like a G .... with a distinct ending on the tail of the G

    The letter K starts properly on the back-bone of K, with low down arms

    The letter N is more defined and looks like a N

    I've attached two images of an original for you to compare.


    British Union of fascists badgeBritish Union of fascists badge

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