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Spanish helmet M1942 "Modelo Z"

Article about: Hi to all, I want to share with you this Spanish Elmet M1942, called "Modelo Z", of my collection. It seems interesting because it's in good condition and is the original version w

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    It's hard to find any definitive info on these badges but I know they started fixing these badges on around 1943ish

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    Quote by James C View Post
    Thank you Roberto and a pleasure to view your fine example's and to have a discussion on them too ,a lot can be learned i primarily collect helmet's so i have the odd one here and therewhat about yourself is the lion's share of your collection in headgear or do you diversify into other areas
    Hi James, my main interest is for the helmets, but I also have other areas of interest, in particular the period WW1 and WW2.
    This has happened because I started collecting militaria many years ago and in my area was still available many materials of WW2 from the various armies of both sides, because Italy was the scene of heavy fighting.
    When I was a boy, for me to find an object of the Allies or Axis was equally important and therefore I studied various subjects based on availability of findings and not in a structured way, at that time there was no Internet, and exchanges were much more limited.


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    Greetings, this helmet logo does not correspond to the period between 1939/1975, is the period of King Juan Carlos I (starting in 1975), look at the crown that is closed and not open as it should be.

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    Is it possible that the eagle emblem with the two prongs is the earlier variant? Because when they started fixing the emblems to the M42 they drilled two holes in them to fix the emblems to the helmet. So in the two pronged variant each prong goes through one hole. But when they later figured out that the holes further weakened (an already weak helmet) the structure of the helmet they instead welded on the brackets and introduced the single prong variant?

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