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ww2 Hungarian helmets

Article about: Wow- very impressive collection. My 1st Hungarian Combat helmet is in no where this mint condition but I am very happy to have it in my collection. It's a MÁVAG 66, still has liner band and

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    Default ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Tribute to the hungarian combat helmets of the second world war. It's time to write a chapter for the history of hungarian M35. Also feel free to post your hungarian helmet in your collection.
    The production of the hungarian M35 helmet began in 1935 almost at the same time of the development the similiar type in Germany. The hungarian model was constructed after a german ET made M35 prototype with some minor modifications in the liner system namely the M27 variation had been applied so anterior liner rivets moved backwards and positioned behind the airvents. Probably the most distinguishing characteristics of the hungarian combat helmets is a fixed metal loop on the rear skirt originally to assist packing.
    Production of M35 had went on until late 1944 (rolled edge, separate air vent rivets, rear loop) and never altered to a more simple design like in Germany. (M40, M42, M45?)
    Two helmet makers are known to exist only. "Magyar Vagon es Gepgyar" in the town of Győr, maker's mark: GY 64-66-68
    and "MÁVAG" in Budapest, maker's mark: MÁVAG under the royal hatchment and size 62-64-66-68. Occasionally a specific acceptance stamp was placed directly into the steel by KÁB (Federal Acceptance Comission).

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Nice helmets, going to have to score on of my own- that half Hungarian part of me needs to make that happen.

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    A very informative thread , thanks for sharing

    We are the Pilgrims , master, we shall go
    Always a little further : it may be
    Beyond that last blue mountain barred with snow
    Across that angry or that glimmering sea...

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Love M35s. One day will get one. Thanks !
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture ww2 Hungarian helmets  

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    great thread and very interesting you have a great collection there the first lid has a similar liner to the m1916 also this design reminds me of the spanish modello z except the bracket being on the front and not the rear apron thanks for sharing james

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Beautiful collection!

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Very nice.

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Hungarian medic helmet (M35 civil defence A)

    Green overpainted M35, named, wire in air vent

    M35 civic defence with german reissue paint

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Nice pieces there- great collection!

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    Default Re: ww2 Hungarian helmets

    Thanks a lot! Finnaly serious overview of Hungairan M35's.
    Do You maybe know, were they made under the license? Thanks again!

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