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2020 Wish List

Article about: OK, now is a good time for setting targets, agreeing performance objectives, remember "demanding but achievable", SMART (I've forgotten what that stood for!) etc etc What Compo is

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    Default 2020 Wish List

    OK, now is a good time for setting targets, agreeing performance objectives, remember "demanding but achievable", SMART (I've forgotten what that stood for!) etc etc

    What Compo is in your sights for 2020?

    ..and then, this time next year, we'll review performance.....

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    My wish for 2020 in the ballistic helmets section is a Russian Speznazhelmet with shield
    They were rare but not unfindable

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    Thanks mate...and good luck.......but they aren't COMPOSITES....

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    It exist examples made from kevlar

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    Got to be Danish covers for me, I've been hunting the net.......... Absolutely no joy so far
    Got a naked b826 and a gallet getting cold .
    Talking of B826s I'll post some of mine soon. It's yet another helmet I know nothing about........ So might be interesting?

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    Aaahh, the ubiquitous 826......

    ...and there was a time when the Danish desert cover was like hens teeth.....GOLD hens teeth!

    Can’t say as I know the it a good ‘un?

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    Tis a strange and mysterious beastie that apparently is absolutely no help when trying to find the equally elusive and mysterious Danish covers!

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    IDF used one of these

    2020 Wish List

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    I don't think I really have a wishlist for 2020. For s start I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by my present collection, persistently feeling that I am not getting the joy from it that I should, and also that everything I knew about it is slipping into a deepening mist of forgetfulness. I need to get back in touch with it again rather than endlessly seek out new stuff.

    So not having a wishlist is easy; it may even be that I already have all the compos I am interested in. After all my interest seems to have stopped about the time all those more recent hi-cut models appeared, things that seem more like a handy platform to velcro lights and AV kit and pieces of cloth onto than traditional helmets. Yes, I understand they are perfectly practical and designed to the millimeter and likely loved by their intended users (which is what matters after all), but I find them aesthetically unpleasing going on ghastly and will not have one in the house. So I guess my collections stops around 2010 then eh. Barring perhaps a Virtus UK model, just to collect the set.

    On the other hand, I would sit up and take notice if I saw a Swiss-specification Schuberth 826 for sale. Yes, it has the usual 826 shell but is a wonderland of differentness inside. See a good walkthrough at Composite Helmet, Ballistic helmets, Military helmets SWITZERLAND, SWISS helmet, Kevlar helmet . Genuinely uncommon, I have seen only one for sale and that on a local Swiss auction site. This is indeed a wish unlikely to be fulfilled.

    And of course if I heard of any really early or unusual-maker British Mk6 or HPLW on the market I might perk up pronto. Ah well, with the best will in the world it is hard to completely stop being an active collector...

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    ....I think your addition to this Thread is massive....the day YOU stop collecting or appreciating the helmets you have is probably and quite possibly the end of collecting as we know it! :-)

    I hope you track down your targeted Swiss thingy.......I certainly won’t be out-bidding you!

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