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brit lids

Article about: afternoon all ,well as the sun was shining up here in north wales i thought it would be a good opportunity to dig out a couple of my british helmets ,in case your not familiar left to right

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    Default brit lids

    afternoon all ,well as the sun was shining up here in north wales i thought it would be a good opportunity to dig out a couple of my british helmets ,in case your not familiar left to right my para lightweight m76 ,the middle one is a scrimmed up turtle and mostly recognised from the falklands war ,i had to be quick though as the pesky rabbit started chewing on the hessian and finally one of my mk6 A's netted and scrimmed over the muti terrain pattern cover ,and in case your all wondering, the low level green house is my koi pond winter cover ,which im hoping to soon remove brit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lids

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    It has been a glorious day down here in Liverpool as well James I like your initiative we have to make the best of any half decent weather and some cracking pics of some cracking lids! Of all the helmets I own my lightweight para helmet is one of if not my top favorite, Shame they are not allowed in service anymore but I suppose that will only make them more collectible down the line. I was actually hoping to head down your neck of the woods today while the weather was good to the Soldier Of Fortune warehouse for a nosy around but had to leave it because of one reason or another.

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    thanks sean ,yes your right mate ,i suppose as the crow flies your not that far away from us taffy's my dads grandma was originally from liverpool ,scotty road in fact ,the place has alltered beyond recognition now though ,funny you mention sof i recently tried to find the place as its in corwen and was on my travels but still a good 45 minutes travel from home ,it doesnt seem to be there ,i had a good look too ,id phone them up first to confirm they still exist ,you dont want a wasted journey ,cheers james

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    Ahhh yes Scotty road has to be one of this citys best known streets! Unfortunately not one of its nicest these days lol. I am not surprised James, I have been up a few times now but the 1st time was hard work it is hard to find. It is really well tucked away on this little industrial estate with practically no signage to say its there and even when your stood in front of it there isnt much giving it away lol. We followed the sat nav up there the 1st time and when we arrived on the estate we turned around and left thinking the sat nav had it wrong then realised it was right haha

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    arh got you ,so it is there somewhere ,next time im passing ill look a bit harder ,yes your spot on though its on the ind est ,i think i just gave up looking in the end

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    Well, I have to say, the scrim and camo really works - I can barely make out the helmets in a couple of your photos. Of course it could be just me getting more and more shortsighted. One never knows do one.

    I have a strange fascination with the Helmet Parachutists Light Weight also, particularly the early run with the vinyl flaps. I've got four of those, and, um, 'several' of the later versions (don't actually know how many, which is slightly shaming). I invariably check them out on Ebay and the like and sometimes just cannot resist. Currently I'm looking for one or two in rough state that I can actually dismantle completely and saw through the shell, just to see what its like. Idle curiosity, really. I wish I'd had that idea when I was at the War&Peace last year and found a boxful of rough ones going really rather cheap. Like a fool I ignored them all because there were no vinyl-flappy ones and I was hot and tired and didn't want to carry anything that wasn't absolutely vital. Of course this year I probably won't be able to afford to go to W&P. One damned thing after another.

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    thank you greg and always a pleasure to hear from you ,its funny but i was thinking the very same thing as i uploaded the pictures ,i thought what is the point putting them on here ,i cant see the bloody things as the cammo was working to what was intended i guess ,to distort the outline of the helmet , what a shame you missed out on those lightweights ,i should imagine it wouldnt take long to cut one open especially when made of glass reinforced plastic ,can i ask what you were looking for in particular ,date stamps perhaps ,i love the para lightweight though ,it's low slung profile is a breath of fresh air from the mk6 ,ive heard it was even preferred comfort wise over the latest mk7

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    Well here we go guys here are some of my modern Brit lids the MK6, MK6A, Lightweight Para helmet and the MK7. If I remember right the MK6 is 2010 dated. The Para is 2009 and both the MK6A and MK7 are 2011. Unfortunately sun has pretty much disappeared here now so took pics indoors with flash on. Hope you all like!

    brit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lidsbrit lids
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture brit lids   brit lids  

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    Forgive me I do not know why those two pics have re posted upside down lol

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    fantastic grouping sean and really nice to see ,thanks very much for sharing your nice examples

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