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British Mk7 helmet - everything you need to know

Article about: Guys, First of all, thank you for deciding to read this thread....I was gonna throw in an "SS" or "FJ" into the Thread name but thought better of it.... I'm starting this

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    Doh!! Why did I post that in the Mk7 Thread?! I apologise profusely for getting that wrong....

    Mk7 = NP
    Virtus = Revision / Glavion

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    Today there's a Mk7 for sale on ebay...described as a "Mk6".....and the seller is located in "Catterick Barracks"!!!....It reminded me of discussions I had with a load of squaddies at Tankfest one year when it became a lot easier sticking to detailed descriptions like "the green one with the uncomfortable knot", "the heavy black one" and "the yellow one"......

    ...although I guess that's one better than "old war hat" !!

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    'nothing new here......but you know how it is...the sun's out, there's 2 long bean canes sitting next to an old sheet and you're moving "stock" around......

    British Mk7 helmet - everything you need to know

    ...and yes, I know they're not ALL 7's......

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    I was only discussing visor'd 7s with Kradders (Ian) last weekend....and then there they are all over the TV in the week.....who knew? (except Kradders of course)

    'new unique visor brackets...obsolete lids...'bit of a kick in the teeth for the Virtus????

    Hopefully someone will know more.......

    British Mk7 helmet - everything you need to knowBritish Mk7 helmet - everything you need to know

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    so, no one....NO ONE found this mildly interesting?! If I put it on Facebook I'd've had 6 "I've got one" 4 "likes", 2 "cool helmet"...oh and STILL no helpful replies!!! :-)

    I'll get my coat....

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    Hmm, I can see why you are interested here. Can't see enough of the gear to really have an idea what kind of unit this might be but vehicle is apparently a panel van (Merc possibly?) so not an infantry type set-up and the general image gives me the impression of a training scenario on some kind of course (EOD maybe?) in which it is not unusual to see obsolescent kit used for exercise purposes as this is more economic in terms of resources. What was the programme about?


    "War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest of things. A man who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing he cares more about than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature with no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself."

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    It's a current programme...weekly follows the BD guys around. As with most TV progs, it's sexed up I suspect...certainly the charges used to destroy old rounds and grenades seem a tad over generous but I guess the TV boys weren't happy with PPPHHHHHTTTTS. It's called "Inside the Bomb Squad and it's on Channel 4. The ol' visor'd 7s have cropped up a fair bit....the side brackets must be specifically made for the lid and one wonders if the shells are drilled????

    ...just when we thought we knew everything about the Mk7 eh?

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    If you were to signpost it properly - programme title, which platform/channel - it might inspire a bit more interest. But, alas, not from me, as a visor is really only one step away from a piece of cloth. That being said, it is really something that a very few may know about, probably from actual end-user experience, but nevertheless does require proper documentation (if we so dignify what we do as that...). Good luck, boss.

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    I'm finding some nice (for "nice" Greg, read "horrible") scrimmed/taped 7's dropping onto ebay that have been cleaned!! When one asks the seller about it's history they tell you that it was used at x,y and z...that they served in a,b & c etc etc...and then the kicker..."but don't worry as I've cleaned it out and put a new cover and tape on it" AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH do these guys think we're buying these things for the second wave into Afghan?!!! I give up

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