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Cobra helmet - British Army

Article about: Name: Cobra 3.jpg  Views: 0  Size: 224.3 KB  ID: 856639 class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> 'saw this Cobra helmet being used at Bovington Tankfest this week, Squaddies wo

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    Default Cobra helmet - British Army

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    'saw this Cobra helmet being used at Bovington Tankfest this week, Squaddies wouldn't talk about it but it was being worn by the "top-gunner" as similar are by the US. 'not seen one in the flesh before - it was a work of art...especially the inside and the tailoring of the cover was amazing - gone is the elasticated-edged blob of cloth.

    ...and no, it wasn't for sale...although I did ask......

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    Nice photos seen these on trial at the moment

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    ...that's interesting...with or without the mandible/jaw piece? in the field? or just as "top gunner".....could this be a replacement for the Mk7 or just another "specialist" lid?'s an impressive piece of kit.

    I have the same Revision-made brow-bracket on a PECOC trials helmet......

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    Cobra helmet - British Army

    ...albeit mine's black

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    ...and slightly different......

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    Thanks for sharing what is a very high tech looking helmet ,personally i feel its just another example of the military imitating science fiction again ,what with terminator style robot troops on the horizon and now this master chief inspired helmet i wonder whats next Cobra helmet - British Army

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