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Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"

Article about: I recently revisited a list we created on Gregs old Yahoo forum...this was a list of all the things which are / can be attached to the modern combat helmet ranging from patches to cameras. I

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    Yep......the weapons used have attachments which, when “fired”, set off the shown in “Heartbreak Ridge”.....

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    Quote by Composite View Post
    Here's one which is a bit closer to home Mark.

    Canadian version is built into a helmet cover, much like the US ones which come with rails and mounts sewn-in. The last pic shows it from the inside...quite a piece of work......'damned clever those Canucks!

    Attachment 1349741Attachment 1349742Attachment 1349743
    Very very nice Adrian and the 1st one I have ever seen up to now I did not know these existed...

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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    Quote by Greg Pickersgill View Post
    Attachment 835883...
    Quote by Composite View Post
    ...Attachment 1264430...

    ...Brit Mk6A de-mining ...
    While out 'detecting' today I made this ground find of a visor mount:Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"

    It was in a somewhat sheltered spot next to a building so, from the corrosion etc, its clearly been lying outside for quite some time. With the mounting bolt reattached, it appears to have been removed from a helmet & discarded for some reason. It looked familiar but the size & weight of the bracket threw me so I didn't immediately identify it & search the area in much more detail... I'll need to go back to see if there's a pair

    I thought it might be worth posting here because, from the quoted posts its clear the 'mount' was used for several helmet/visor combinations but on differing metal 'brackets'. From the examples above, what I have found appears to be a Mk6 / Mk6A IS or de-mining version... or perhaps somebody can tell me if there's more to it than that?

    With thanks in advance!

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    Having done Brackets, I guess jaw protection should be included....

    Here's 3

    Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"

    These things took-off big time during the Afghan years and a number of styles were trialed / used. They range from what appears to be quite flimsy (though deceptively strong) like that on the ACU'd example to things that you certainly don't wanna drop on your foot. And of course, the Brit Virtus (borrowed) has one too (and there appears to be 2 versions of that too). In reality, they seem to be restricted to (or should that be preferred by) the likes of top gunners / exposed drivers etc...

    ...other countries have them too.........hint hint.....

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    Here's another's a foliage holder that clips onto the rim of the helmet and effectively mimicks the elastic straps which are found on the old style cloth covers. The plastic edge hooks are a tad difficult to fit and I'd suggest it was made with the Mk7 in mind as, once on, they sit nicely with the black edging piece.

    'pretty sure this is a commercial / non-issue piece and probably made by the same folk who made the torch holder in Post #9

    Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons" as some squaddies were cutting the elastic OFF their covers to look cool / "Ally", others were buying and fitting commercial kit which did the same job.......'soldiers eh?

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    Velcro-backed "Cats Eye" variant....3 luminous disk strip (2 and 1 disk variants are available) - not "issue"

    Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"

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    Whilst we’re discussing (?) all things that glitter do we have any knowledge re when glint squares appeared (‘see what I did there?).....’some time during Afghan right?

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    Another "beacon" which apparently came from a helmet although the clip fitting looks more suited to slotting on clothing....

    Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"Helmet attachments / "bolt-ons"'s a new model to me.....'anyone? (usually what happens now is someone posts a I've-got-one-of-those"...)

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    ...and now the Royal Marines are looking at Cameras (“Marworks”) for their Helmets....

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    Adrian an interesting beacon I have not seen before will see if I can dig up any information on them..

    Regards Mark
    Always on the look out for WW II Canadian Helmets and Cam nets to add to my collection.

    Found a Canadian Mk II Medics Helmet and yes I know they are about as rare as hens teeth !!!!!

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