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iraqi fedayeen helmet

Article about: ive been reluctant to post this saddam era helmet here in the composite helmets section as they seem to be a bit of a marmite helmet ,some like it, some not but what the heck ill share it an

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    Quote by James C View Post
    many thanks gary for your vote of confidence on this one your right mate the prices were astronomical and to be honest way out of my league ,im more a bargain basement type of bloke ,i think its the only way us headgear collectors build up a collection ,i certainly couldnt afford to start up in the hobby now as for the fed helmet the prices seem to fluctuate ,one sold recently on ebay for around 250 quid but who knows in the future ,the price may drop out completely ,great news for the collector
    No problem at all, I most certainly desired one a while back but as mentioned these models were/are ridiculously priced for my personal budget. Following on from that I also agree with your point about not being able to start a collection now...the prices of the more unique helmets have rocketed in price

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    As ugly as sin but a very collectable piece and i like it, well done on finding it mate!....

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    cheers paul i cant argue with you mate and from a ballistic point of view totally useless

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    just a small update ,ive manage to source a very good representation of the original insignia made from moulded rubber with the side profile of saddam hussein ,i believe the arabic translates to GOD ,LEADER COUNTRY iraqi fedayeen helmet
    Last edited by James C; 09-28-2016 at 06:50 PM.

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    Well done on sourcing a replacement James and thanks for updating also a very cool helmet


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    your welcome matt and thanks

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    it's going to look much better on display with the added Saddam insignia / now it's complete.

    are the originals also made of some type of moulded rubber or hard plastic?

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    thanks battle gear, its identical in construction , made from a flexible rubber

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    hi there,
    where did you get the replacement "cockarde" for this? i'd be very interested in getting one as well.

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    Glenn ,im sure in time we will find a saddam insignia oval for your example ,i will do my very best to help you out ,Here is the current state of mine iraqi fedayeen helmet

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