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Italian Helmet SEPT2

Article about: Morning everyone, it is quite difficult to find Italian composite helmets out of Italy, and there is not much official documentation about them, so it seemed interesting to share some exampl

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    ... I found a hole in Italy ... where I bought the last three helmets ....

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    do you have a spare Vegetato cover?

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    Italian Helmet SEPT2Italian Helmet SEPT2Italian Helmet SEPT2Italian Helmet SEPT2Italian Helmet SEPT2
    Elmetto SEPT 2 PLUS SISTEMA COMPOSITI tg.3 the internal harness seems to be more comfortable than those of the SEPT 2, but someone reports that the part that rests on the forehead is very uncomfortable, despite having the chin guard system that is certainly more comfortable.
    (perhaps the vegetato desert cover, that I ad photographed before, here is more correct)

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    composit, no but if I find one I'll let you know ... I'm sorry ...

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    Quote by vulcan 65 View Post
    Attachment 1462992Attachment 1462993Attachment 1462994Attachment 1462995
    SEPT 2 helmet size 2 the label is missing but it is most likely an RBR as there are still traces of adhesive inside on the flap as I have seen on those that had it.
    I thought it was a SEPT1 but on another forum they told me it wasn't.
    obviously if someone has different info looking at the photos, they are welcome.
    Hi vulcan 65,
    it is a "TP" (Truppe Paracadutiste) helmet, basically a shortened SEPT 2, manufactured by RBR Armour.
    The SEPT 2 Plus example is also very nice, with a "San Marco" cover it would be perfect!


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    Italian Helmet SEPT2Italian Helmet SEPT2

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    Quote by Composite View Post

    Italian Helmet SEPT2Italian Helmet SEPT2
    Hi Ade,
    indeed, this paratrooper model made in Italy by Cassoni, called low or reduced model, has a very similar shell; I can't say if the RBR and Cassoni models were inspired by each other in the design phase.


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    Thank you.....Italian Compos always seem to confuse me.......

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    thanks oldsteel and composit, very soon however I will post another one, I always think RBR (which does not have the label), which was sold to me as a ParĂ  model which is even lower at the rear. then you will tell me.

    Italian Helmet SEPT2

    (example photo)
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