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This thread has become very interesting, especially for me as I had tended to look on al Italian compos as being essentially the same thing. We're all wrong at least part of the time.

I did a quick transale of the scans immediately above, using OCR and Google translate and a bit of Italian. Actually the second image was impossible as the original picture is poorly aligned. Anyway -

Picture 1 -

The Navy raiders use the SEPT-2 similar in shape to the American model. The two chin straps fixed in the center, at the height of the temples, and at the back are clearly visible. The two straps come together at the jaw to give life to the chin guard.

Picture 3 -

5) This Lagunare ((some kind of Marine?))wears a SEPT-1 helmet. Note the lack of the overhang, at the height of the temples.
6) The Alpine troops in Mozambique have the AF-90 ballistic vest in «desert» finish.

Picture 4 -

The «Col Moschin» battalion has very special individual protective equipment. The helmet, apparently similar to the SEPT-2, offers greater protection to the cervical area and allows the assembly of a protective visor.
Thanks, clear and precise translation useful for everyone.
Regarding point 5: yes, the "Lagunari" are a kind of marines, but they are units that depend on the Army, unlike the San Marco Brigade which belongs to the Navy.