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More French F1 Helmets.

Article about: Hi Guys. Thought you might like to see more of my F 1 Helmets. Feel free to comment, and thanks for looking. Opex. F1 with M-64 Jacket hood. Of the type used in Beirut F1 with Salade cover.

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    I discover lately this thread.

    Militaries furniture belongs to the governement and helmets are part of this. This means that soldiers do not own them.
    When a new model arrive, they will provide them in priority to engaged troups, will build stocks "in case of need" till the old versions are all used or destroyed, and then they will sell what remains to the "domaine" where anybody can by them at auction. Usualy sold in big volumes.


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    I haven't seen any of the regular F1's for sale, but I am considering getting one of the dark blue Gendarmerie models given the low price.

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    These are not the most easy to find but theyr are quite nice.
    I was about not to find the thread back as it is in the Composite serction.

    I notives question were asked about the trial variant of the F1.
    Namely the A4 and A5.

    Here they are

    Basiquely , they kept the shell of the A4 and the liner of the A5.


    More French F1  Helmets.

    More French F1  Helmets.


    More French F1  Helmets.

    More French F1  Helmets.

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    First post so hope this is ok. Have always liked the French F1 helmet - compact, comfortable and with enough variables across the series. I recently acquired a somewhat battered Series 1 from the 601th Traffic Regiment I believe from the badge. Like most French helmets it has been really knocked around but it also lacks a chin-cup on the strap. Does anyone know where one can be acquired for sensible money? You can buy a job-lot from ebay but I think a minimum of 10 is a few too many! Anyway - hope the images below come out ok.

    More French F1  Helmets.More French F1  Helmets.More French F1  Helmets.More French F1  Helmets.

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    Another question to the experts - is the 'salade' helmet cover a 'Universal' fit for French Helmets including the M51 and F1 or are there separate versions for different helmet types?

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    Have managed to knock most of the major dents out and straightened it up a little so now looking a lot better but if anyone knows where to source a chin-cup for sensible money that would be appreciated

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    Nice example of the F1 Ruskin and great insignia and i notice it has the fixed chinstrap bails and round comfort pad so is an early one .Welcome to the forum and well done for searching the forum first and adding your posting to an existing thread as we have a problem here with multiple threads being generated ,as for the chin cups i have messaged that particular seller in the past asking if possible to buy just one or two but it seems sold as a job lot unfortunately ,pretty certain the Salade is universal ,It fits the Mle 51 quite well using the string and hooks provided but imagine would swamp the f1 shell in this configuration ,having said that all the F1 examples i have seen seem to rely on a section of a motor vehicle door trim or tyre inner tubing which is found on cars of a certain vintage to hold it in place
    Regards James

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    Thanks for the comments and feedback James - much appreciated It is dated 1981 so a Series 1 example with fixed bales and circular pad as you note. I also have a Series 2 with the long velcro strap and 'finger' crown pad though this doesn't have any insignia and whilst I appreciate that the velcro strap was an improvement for parachutists I rather like the snap connectors of the Series 1! Happy to contribute to an existing thread - interesting reading about and seeing all the examples people have. Have orderd a 'salade' cover with some door trim so will see how that goes - may require some trimming to size but will give it a whirl. I must admit that I do find it a bit odd that the CCE covers are available absolutely everywhere for very little yet Desert covers and other peripherals like straps and chin-cups are so hard to source! I even resorted to fitting a UK MK6 strap to a blue Gendarmerie F1 to replace the awful leather strap - a marked improvement even if not one for the purists!

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    Very nice transportation regiment F1
    Quite unusual.
    As for the salade, it was used for the late version of the M51 and M56 and then for the F1.

    @Ruskin, where are you based? I may have a Chin cup to help you finish this very nice helmet.

    For the F1 gendarmerie, i would keep the leather strap. I know it is neither nice nor comfortable but it is what is it and theyr are not easy to find.


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    Hi Bruno,
    Thanks for the comments - it does look a lot better now as it has been straightened and most of the serious dents eased out so quite pleased. Thanks for the info on the 'salade' cover - I have just got one and when the door trim arrives I will try fitting it.
    Am based in Oxford actually and any options for chin-cups or alternate covers welcome.
    As for the F1 Gendarmerie – like many I suspect this was my first F1 as they were easier and cheaper to get hold of than the military version. Although in good condition the adhesive badge on the front was scratched off and I just put a CCE cover on so it at least ‘looked’ more military, which is why I changed the strap too. It was more comfortable and was not a million miles from the F1 type with the woven canvas and snap fastening. I still have the leather strap of course and can always put it back on if need be.
    Really good to have feedback - Cheers.

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