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PASGET "Paratrooper´s K Pot"

Article about: Hi, mates, I´m collecting combat knives / fighting knives but I´m very interested in helmets also. Today I wanna show you an PASGT (Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops), "Paratro

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    some more images:

    PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"

    Helmet manufactured in 1984 ?

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    Another one showin´ the three colour desert camo helmet cover:

    Pasgt ("Pasget") Gentex

    PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"

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    Another K-Pot , manufactured by Gibraltar Industries schowin´ the winter / arctic helmet cover:

    Pasgt gentex / gibraltar industries

    PASGET  "Paratrooper´s K Pot"

    Maybe from interest ?
    Hybrid "K-Pot" and covers - MODERN COMPOSITE HELMETS - U.S. Militaria Forum

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